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public service announcement {drop ceiling tiles}

You don't have to live with the crushing unsightliness that standard fiber drop-in ceiling tiles provide. There is another choice.  Have you ever wanted pretty coffered ceilings?  What about tin ceilings?  I know this post isn't pretty but you have to show the ugly to get to good design.

I first learned about this product working on the room below.  Seriously.  The FLOTUS office was plagued with typical commercial-grade ceiling tiles (see the Laura Bush era) and needed a style-update quick.  

First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her upcoming birthday, which is Sunday, January 17, with staff in the East Wing of the White House, January 15, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

The molded ceiling tiles work the same as the fiber tiles but look so much better.  

Check out the full line at Ceilume.  

PS- I wasn't paid for this post, consider it a gift.  You're welcome.

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most overlooked {teenage boys}

I was thinking today, that teenage boys are the least represented in the interior design world.   Not often do you see rooms designed for the pimply, awkward, puberty-ridden male crowd.  Its understandable considering at that age most of them would rather die than have you decorate their room.  Here is a little inspiration for those of you that need inspiration for this age group.

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when it goes wrong

The minute the paint went on the wall I started planning this post, I was going to tell you how good I am at color and how I usually don't even test the paint on the wall and just go for it, and how clients always tell me that I picked the perfect color.  I started planning this post the minute the paint went on the wall because this time I got color wrong and I knew it in that minute.

I decided I needed to jazz up the front door from the minute that we looked at the property.  Something fun something that was a little shocking - in a good way.  Every time I ask my husband what color I should paint something - he says "I like natural wood." Every time.  So while he usually doesn't get his way because stripping, sanding, and staining aren't as fun as just throwing down a coat of paint, this time I didn't touch the natural wood of the door and chose to paint the little vestibule.

I chose to paint the vestibule the color of a beautiful desert sunset - Sanibel Peach 072 by Benjamin Moore.  My sweet husband didn't say a word about the color as I tried to convince myself that it would look better once it dried, once it had two coats, once I got used to it.  Nope, I couldn't do it and as we left the house for dinner that night our front door glowed with that of the red light district.  Not the kind of welcome to our home I had in mind.

So the next day I ran to get another gallon of paint in a much safer choice, Drenched Sienna.  The neighborhood can breathe easier now.  And if they ask, I am going to tell them the pepto-pink was tinted primer.

Almost before - we had to scrape & repair the ceiling that was starting to peel.


Not the fun, funky color I'd envisioned.  A good solid Arizona color that makes the house feel more sophisticated.  Maybe I'll change it with the seasons...

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{travel} camping

I am in the woods today.  We've packed our vehicle with basic necessities to survive the next two nights sleeping under the stars.  I love going out into nature without the need for electronics or daily luxuries like showers or makeup.  A simplified version of life if only for a few days to appreciate mother nature's bounty.


Here is a round-up of favorite camping links:

  • If you can't hack it with regular camping, consider Glamping.
  • Foodie camp recipes from chefs.   
  • In a region of the country where homes are called "camps" this is the place to stay - they'll even bring you hot chocolate and s'mores around a campfire.  
  • A camp-inspired wedding.
  • I'm obsessed with hip homes on wheels - airstreams or these adorable teardrop trailers.
  • If you are looking for an authentic ranch experience in Wyoming, visit my friends at the K Bar Z.  Kinda like camping but this is their life.   

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{advice} bidding wars

I've been meaning to write a post about buying at auctions for over two years.  While it can seem overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it you'll have no problem raising your paddle.

In addition to your local auction house, visit:

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{design trick} stacked

Layered tables has been a favorite of mine for years.  Its practical, but not always the first thing that comes to mind.  The ability to create flow and spacial relationships with furniture is an advanced design skill.  Beyond just plopping something down.

Nate Berkus The Things That Matter

Bungalow Home Phoenix

Nick Olson in West Elm

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design

Michael Smith

Is this a trick you'll try?

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{trending} smokey


book deals for bloggers

have you noticed that almost every blog out there has a book deal right now?  Blogs are taking over everything, do you think that most people feel this way?  Below are some of my favorites, what blogs would you like to see in print?

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yellow sofas {curated}

Commitment is a problem in interior design, people often don't know if they can commit to a certain color or pattern opting instead for neutrals because "its not a big commitment" and accessories can easily change to accomodate new tastes or a desire for change.  But a look at these lovely bright yellow sofas makes me want to get into a new relationship with fearless color.  

Jenna Lyons in Living Etc.

Michael Smith in Elle Decor March 2007

Raji Radhakrishnan in Elle Decor

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before and after: means street loft

Everyone loves a good before and after.  I completed this project and had it published in Jezebel Magazine in February.  To see the full article you can go here.

This is right after we brought the table and the pillows back from Scotts - so imagine without the table or pillows for true "before".  

Jeff Wolk took all the after photos.

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curated: going round

Sometimes it is good to fit a round object in a normally square hole.  When looking for side tables do not neglect the angle-challenged models out there.

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