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My First Night

Officially in the new house today.  The locksmith is here changing our locks.  And I am staring at the boxes and all the work to be done.  When you rent, the landlord takes care of the cleaning and the repairs,  in other words, I have a ton of things on my to-do list.  In the midst of unpacking and fixing up the house (it has been vacant for 9 months), I am also busy with my clients homes.  But I am scheduling projects for the summer, so please don't think I'm too busy for you!  A cobbler's children never have shoes and a designer's home is never finished.  One of the first things my husband brought from storage was the wine cooler & tv.  Hmm.  

So now that we have the house, I will show you a photo of the first project I will be undertaking here in Paradise (that's the name of our new street, isn't it awesome?  I was crossing my fingers we wouldn't end up loving a home located a an address like 12345 W 1st St.)  If you are easily queasy, I would look away. 

This is my kitchen, for real.  Someone actually used this.  Now, tile is not a good countertop material, but even past that the cabinets are coated with grime, the sink is rotten underneath and the weight of the sink and tile is causing the whole countertop to slump down.  There is a 1/2 in gap in the countertop and the backsplash behind the sink.  So I won't be unpacking the kitchen until this is gutted and replaced with new cabinets, appliances, countertops, and fixtures.  Call me crazy, but I hope to have this done by the end of May.  I'll be sharing the progress with you.  But take a look at the ceiling; notice that line?  Its a silly difference in paint finishes that makes it look like the ceiling are on difference planes.  I want to strangle whoever did this.

I am thrilled to be doing all this work.  This is what I love and thrive on the puzzle and the makeover.  Among many things that I will be sharing on my blog in the coming months, a great part of the house is that this was my view this morning.  

PS  - Posts are not probably not going to be regularly coming as I get settled here in Paradise, more like little surprises dropped in the blogosphere. 


Mexico Meets Morocco

You know when you love something so much it hurts?  That's how I feel about Kathryn Ireland's Mexico Meets Morocco fabric line.  Since these two locales inspire me in my designs, I love how she has put them together in this fabric line.

Won't these fit in great in a Arizona project?

If you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 



Best of Outdoor Living

Yesterday Phoenix broke a 69-year-old record and reached a searing 105 degrees. Since ACL's April focus is on the great outdoors, here are some of my favorite links to exterior projects and inspiration.  



Best Week Ever

When my mom told me that her vacuum is from 1980 and works better than anything I've ever used, I've been scouring ebay for used TriStar Vacuums.  While there I also happened to purchase this.

I respect and totally enjoyed Erika's honesty when reviewing the Domino Special Edition.  Anyone else want to weigh in?

I've added more of my interiors to pinterest.  Check it.  Plus I have the awesomest pins.

My friend BPF says he's going to have new content on his blog soon, but then he takes on his 5294th job as contributor to All the Best.  Since he apparently can't say no, perhaps I will ask him to help me organize my fabric swatches this summer...

This is such a cute and easy project, you could also put leashes or wallets in there! Loves

Need interior design help?  Hire me. 



Chic Eco-Products

One day, I hope everything is made with respect to the earth, but in the meantime its a good idea to search out those products that are already made to be kind to the earth.  Here are some great options.

1. American Clay-  non-toxic, us-made, and environmentally friendly 2. Dr. Bronners Soap - organic, fair-trade, concentrated and pure 3. Vinyl Record Bowls- made from upcycled vinyl records 4. Applique Striped Tea Towel - organic & us-made 5. Reclaimed Kasbah Rug- made from recycled plastic bottles
6. Stylus Sofa- Certified by the Sustainable Furnishings Council

To-the-trade products available through Capella Kincheloe Interior Design

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yay for our Earth!

Earth Day is this coming Sunday, so to get prepared, here are some great things you can do for our environment and the health of our Earth.  In addition to all the things that you should be doing already: recycling, using reusable shopping bags and water bottles, turning the water and lights off when you aren't using them, adjusting your termostat, all the things you already do right?

This is something I learned while putting together this post, "If you aren't composting food scraps, Kate Heyhoe, author of "Cooking Green," says it's better to throw them in the trash than to grind them in the disposal. Food sent down the drain often winds up in the landfill after the sewage treatment plant, so save the electricity -- and 2,000 gallons of water per year."  I think you should try composting.    


Make your own by visiting the daily green
This frog is a symbol of environmental, social, and economic stability.  Visit
for one small thing you can do a day to help save the Earth.  

So what are your plans for Earth Day?   


Outdoor Bar: To Be or Not to Be?

My husband and I don't agree, what do you think of a permanent built-in bar outside?  -Laura

If you and your husband are extreme entertainers and live in a climate that you can use the bar most of the year than an exterior bar set-up may be very useful.  However unless this is your situation I would stand on the no-bar side of the fence.  Why?  Because unused bars look a little sad, take up a considerable amount of room, and there are alternatives to a built-in bar that you can use when the weather is nice and friends are over.  Plus, built-in bars tend to look like a restaurant and your guests may feel like they need to be served instead of serving themselves.  So I always prefer having a set-up where guests feel comfortable serving themselves and when the party is over the temporary bar can go back to being a table.  There are hundreds of bar cart round-ups out there that you can search for the right temporary cart to pull outside when duty calls or find one that can live outside.

San Diego Back Yards | By San Diego Realtor Alvin Newton

even a simple white tablecloth works
Images by Kate Headley via Style Me Pretty

I'm accepting new clients, so if you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 

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A Curated List: Exterior Furniture

1. New Hampshire Armchair from OKA 2. Shady Lace Parasol from Conrad Shop 3. Square Copper Cube Coffee Table 4. Turquoise Bar Cart 5. Still Collection from Brown Jordan 6. Ikea KARLSKRONA Items can be purchased through CKID unless noted.

I believe outdoors rooms are as important as indoor ones.  So you'll want to continue your home's design into backyard, patios, and balconys.  Create different zones for eating, lounging and playing just as you would inside to fully enjoy exterior spaces all summer, if not all year long.  Don't miss my selection of garden planters.  

If you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 

Learn about April: Outdoor Living Month on A Curated Lifestyle.



New Exterior Paint Combinations

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite exterior paint combinations with you.  If you are ready to paint your house, this is a good time to walk through different neighborhoods and take note of the combinations that you like.  Paint Specifications clockwise from top right: front door, trim, walls.  

I'm accepting new clients, so if you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 



Painted Concrete Floors

I have a poured concrete patio, what color would you recommend painting it? - Vicki, GA
all colors Benjamin Moore

If you have a nondescript concrete patio like above paint is a great way to add character and interest without spending much money.  Keep in mind that the paint will wear and age much quicker out in the elements than it would inside, but that is part of the charm.  If you want to DIY this, read here.

I'd stay within colors you find in great quanities in nature, blues, greens, terra cotta.  Saturated colors will work best since they will fade.  Use a color that is complementary to your house & trim paint.

While more laborious, a painted pattern will add character, check these out from Apartment Therapy.



Best Week Ever

I just stumbled on this blog, which I now adore.

I've been working on the kitchen plans for the new house and it seems that Angela has been busy on her kitchen too.

I'd like to move to Austin for the summer just to hang with Camilla.

It was a sad day in design and the world when legendary designer Albert Hadley passed, read this touching tribute.

I am a bit obsessed with my own Pinterest boards right now.  Anyone else?

I'm accepting new clients, so if you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



A Curated List: Exterior Planters

1. Urban Pot Custom Planters 2. Inner Gardens French Square Box Planter 3. Jean-Marc Fray Pair of Willy Guhl Concrete Jardinieres 4. Robina Pot from Anthropologie 5. Urban Pot Orange Cube 6. Outback Patio Terra Cotta Pots 7. Wine Barrel Planter from VivaTerra Items can be purchased through CKID unless noted.

Romantic Traditional

Spanish Courtyard

If you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 



stylish low-water landscaping solutions

It's National Landscape Architecture Month - did you know?  In honor of that and the fact that I don't want to bleed money out of my water hose to have a stylish backyard living in Phoenix, here are some choice options for keeping the water bill down without having brown grass.

1. Get rid on the lawn.  Not only is it costly to water and maintain, but the fertilizer to keep it green and chemicals to keep mosquitos at bay are detrimental to the environment.  Use it as an excuse to get out and go to your local park to use their grass instead.

2. Use pavers with greens growing in the grid.  Depending on your zone, certain plants will thrive creeping through the pavers.  Check out this article to learn more.   This will give you an organic feel but without all the water.

3. Use succulents, in lots of colors and shapes, succulents can feel lush and like a colorful painting, your eye will dance around your yard.  

4. Use Gravel, done right this can be chic and require no upkeep.  

If you'd like help designing an original space that you absolutely love, contact me about design services. 



Useful Tips for Small Outdoor Space

"I have a small outside space.  What can I do?" - Ashley 

Domino Magazine via Maison Marigold
A space to lounge

An oasis for one (or two or three)

Decorate by Holly Becker
Inviting entertaining space

Small container garden

#1: Identify your priorities.  Do you like to entertain and how many?  Do you want a space to escape with a book or coffee and the newspaper in the morning?  Are you interested in growing your own food? Perhaps you just want a low-maintenance area that won't get used much.  List how you want to use your space to get started.  If you have multiple priorities, you may have to identify just one or scale back on entertaining 6 to 4 to have room for that herb garden.  

#2: Consider the logistics.  Before you buy anything make sure that you have room for the table you are looking at - with chairs (and people in them).  Or that your garden will drain properly and gets enough sun.  If you have to climb five sets of stairs with all your dinner party are you going to do it?  

#3: Go for it!  Start your dream space, no matter how small.  Think of rugs, lighting and accessories to make the space special.  

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.