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Going Going Gone

instagram shots from shoot

Moving is hard.  The moving truck comes in 8 days, I had a photoshoot Monday for Jezebel magazine, I am shooting another project this Monday, my husband's birthday is Tuesday, and in the midst of all that I must pack up my life in Atlanta and say goodbye to my friends.  So I am taking a little break from blogging, it makes me feel better to let you know than to just disappear.  And sadly, my grandmother passed away and I am gone this, our last weekend in Atlanta, to go to her funeral in Wyoming.

Me and Grandma Cleo.  

I am so excited to be moving back west and looking forward to hitting the ground running with my design business in Arizona.  Despite the manic-ness of the next two weeks, I am still taking on new clients and projects for March and beyond.  If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  



Ikea Hack Round-up


Madelyn's Room

Yesterday I went OTP (Outside of the Perimeter, the 285 loop that surrounds Atlanta Metro for those of you that aren't local) to help a client put the finishing details on her home.  They are trying to sell, but realize that may not happen quickly so we worked on small updates that make the home more enjoyable for the time being.  The most fun room of the day?  Madelyn's room, like most little girls she loves pink, wearing it and being surrounded by it.  To make pink more manageable I found these beautiful floral prints that are girly and pretty without making you sick from sweetness. We pulled color from the prints for the walls and an existing white mirror that was in the room that are modern and fresh.  Madelyn already has an iron bed that is painted white, to soften the room up we're adding a rug (over carpet) and curtains.  Isn't it fun?

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Clever Details

The details of the room are really some of the most important to making your home stylish & feel complete.  Check out the curtain tape trim, the nailheads, the contrasting fabric on the large chairs.  What really made me smile about this room?  The little wood farmhouse chairs with their cute covers.
Birmingham Decorator Fran Keenan in Southern Living

In a fairly traditional room, these chairs stand out for their simplicity and ease.  I often recommend to clients that we have covers made for their dining chairs, because all that wood can feel overwhelming and cold.  This is why - don't you just want to sit down and enjoy a comfortable and casual meal with family here?

 If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  

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last day!!!

Last Day!

Last day to enter my Giveaway.  Get on it!

 If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  

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best of atlanta craigslist: capella edition

Since I am moving and it's always nice to start fresh and not have to lug your old furniture cross-country I am selling off most of my furniture and putting it in this special edition of the Best of Atlanta Craigslist.  

 If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  

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easy sauce

Its important to elevate the simplest tasks when possible - using a cloth napkin with your take-out, adding trim to curtains, and making easy slow-cooking sauce.  All you do is dump, stir, and wait.  While the process is simple, the flavors are anything but.  Over time the flavors meld together and deepen creating a wonderfully rich and velvety sauce that will make you ask yourself why you ever used store-bought in the first place.  You can also make this and freeze it for quick suppers later.

Easy Sauce

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If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  

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