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10 Things I Believe: Jade Timmerman

You can find more inspiration from Jade on her blog, Flip Flops and Pearls.  Also check out other bloggers 10 Things every Monday here on A Curated Lifestyle.  Happy Halloween!

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Rose Gold in Design

clockwise from top left
Arteriors Home Laura Kirar Caviar Collection | Ann Sacks Michael S Smith Gilt | sixth and main | Benjamin Moore chippendale rosetone HC-58 | Pinterest | Martha Stewart Wedding via Everything Fabulous | my rings | Suzanne Kasler Inspired Interiors | Signature Hardware Hammered Mirror

Not one to like anything matchy-matchy, I choose rose gold for my wedding rings to complement my platinum engagement ring.  Since then, I have seen rose gold becoming ever more present in fashion and jewelry.  Rose gold hasn't quite made it's entry into interior design, brass is still the metal of the moment, but before long I guarantee you'll see more products available in a rose gold finish.  Because let me tell you, there is not a lot out there now!  It was a deep search to find the few products featured above.  In the meantime, copper has a warm metal look (I've even had a few people ask if my rings were copper) or if you pair blush with gold, the blush will cast a warm glow on the metal (as you can see in the image in the bottom right).

What do you think of this emerging trend?

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook

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best of atlanta craigslist: edition 52

solid, but the legs prevent it from being too heavy
I imagine this recovered in a serape.  
I am named after a star, so I have always loved telescopes.
bold, bright rug to liven any space

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.



my wedding reception

I have received several questions about my unorthodox wedding.  My husband and I choose to get married just the two of us in Hawaii and have a reception with close family in California.  It was completely "us" and I highly recommend it if you want to eliminate a lot of stress and just have fun.  Our goal was to focus on each element completely - our ceremony, honeymoon, and finally spending quality time with family drinking wine and eating good food.  We did not have a professional photographer at our reception so don't expect the glossies on wedding blogs.  I'll do a post on the actual wedding when we get those pictures.

Simple, graphic and the palm tree represents both Hawaii and California

We rented the biggest house we could find in Los Olivos so we had a central place for our guests to gather and drink socialize.  We also arranged a private tasting with our favorite winemaker, Ken Brown (that bottle was ours and gone about 20 minutes after dinner). Dinner was at Los Olivos Cafe, Nate and I had been here before and knew the food was good and had the right vibe (it was also in Sideways).

I found vintage postcards from Hawaii and California on Ebay and Etsy and bought japanese masking tape to create the nametag.  I stamped the card with a custom address stamp and return postage.  This allowed the postcard to function as a placecard at dinner and then guests were asked to answer a question and drop it in the mail for us.  We were excited each time we received a card in the mail.  All the postcards (currently in a bowl on our coffee table) create a guestbook of our friends and family who came to celebrate our marriage.

Nate's sister is a cake artisan and was the obvious choice for our cake.  We could have gone without, but I think it made the reception feel more wedding-y.  She did an incredible job despite having to work through the logistics nightmare of living in Florida and delivering a cake to California as well as our coconut cake with passionfruit filling request.  I purchased the vintage plate and pair of brass elephants on ebay (good luck and now sitting on our mantle!).  I searched for a long time for the perfect cake stand, but it didn't exist so this souvenir plate was easy to ship and carry back from California.  

I think there is nothing better to remember a vacation or event than a good meal.  I wanted something useful and relevant to our reception and I adore cookbooks.  I had bookplates made here and bought Wine Country Cooking for all our guests to remember their time with us.  My family also exclusively used recipes from the cookbook for my Grandma's 91st birthday lunch.  How sweet is that?

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an Invitation to Windows on Design

As you know, I started a little group for design creatives called Design Collective.  We've been going strong for almost a year now and today windows in Showrooms all over Atlanta are being "blacked out"  to get ready for an event called Windows on Design.
Windows on Design is a public event that pairs one Showroom window with a Designer to create a one-of-a-kind window display.  Our 2011 event theme is Celebrating Atlanta. Using Atlanta landmarks, food, history, and events as inspiration Locations and Designers will work together, thinking out of the box to create an amazing art installation that blends different mediums, each window display will have an Atlanta-centric theme.  This is a self-guided tour to visit all the Windows at your leisure.  The windows will be unveiled on November 1st, 2011.  

There will be a drawing for an Atlanta Staycation (Hotel stay, dinner & art tickets!) going to a lucky person that checks-in at all Windows.

11.1.11 -11.16.11

887 Howell Mill Road, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30318
Open 10-6 Monday thru Saturday

1000 Marietta St, Suite 244 Atlanta, GA 30318
Open Monday 12-5, Tuesday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 12-5

1000 Marietta St, Suite 112 Atlanta, GA 30318
Open Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 PM

Peachtree Hills
365 Peachtee Hills Ave NE, Suite 104 Atlanta, GA 30305
Open 9-5 Monday thru Friday

Beau Holland & Rebecca Keller
351 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 301 Atlanta, GA 30305 (inside ADAC)
Open 9-5 Monday thru Friday

351 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 314 Atlanta, GA 30305 (inside ADAC)
Open 9-5 Monday thru Friday

Robuck and Company & Mill and Forge
425 Peachtree Hills Ave Ne Suite 20 Atlanta, GA 30305
Open 10-5 Monday thru Friday

Send me questions if you are curious for more.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.  

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10 Things I Believe: Sherry Hart

I am sure that you already know Sherry & her sense of humor from her blog, but she also has a really pretty website.  Be sure to visit.

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absolute perfection

this is my heaven and I immediately started brainstorming how to get the smallest of rooms to fit my books, a settee, and a bar.  Nina Campbell is genius.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.  

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pretty in pink tonight

Just wanted to let you know of a little store that I love, not only because of all the gorgeous linens they carry, but also because everyone that works at the store is gracious, charming, and delightful.  Gramercy was the site of our Design Collective meeting last night and tonight they are having their second annual Pink Party.

Thursday October 20th 5pm-7pm
Peachtree Battle Shopping Center
2351 A Peachtree Road, NE 
Atlanta, GA 30305

There will be generous raffles and 20% everything in the store during the party benefitting The Doris Shaheen Breast Health Center at Piedmont Hospital.

I snapped these pics when I was there last night.  I was so pleased to see that they were carrying some of my favorite products- turkish towels and fabrics from Istanbul.  Truthfully there is nothing in this store I wouldn't take home with me, even the monogramming with someone else's initials.  Seriously, I would pass it off as heirloom.  I hope that you will stop by Gramercy tonight and if not promise me that you will visit soon.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook

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Home Sale Preparation Checklist

Tonight, before our Design Collective event, I am speaking to the new members of the Atlanta Board of Realtors.  Hello Realtors!  The role of an interior design can be extremely varied and one hat some designers wear is helping make a home look its best so it can get a new family.  Here is my checklist for preparing your or your client's home for sale.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook

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CSA Bounty

This is what I made from this week's Serenbe CSA share.  You don't need a CSA to make these recipes, I just want to show what is possible by buying what is in season and fresh and maybe get you thinking about your daily veg differently.  
Swiss chard gratin with mash potatoes
Asian greens in garlic sauce (served with bean recipe below)
sweet potato and black bean burritos with okra rellenos
Vegetable & Rice Golabki
beans in peanut sauce
I also blanched and froze the collard greens from this week to use later.
And made more fridge pickles (sliced cucumnber, white vinegar, water, hot pepper, celery seed & sugar)

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.



10 Thing I Believe: Blayne Beacham

Isn't she amazing?  If you don't already, read Blayne's blog, This Photographer's Life and see her talent.

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pumpkin slaying

my favorite part of pumpkin carving is scooping out the gooey insides and baking the seeds.  This is because I am no good at the carving part - especially with my hands covered with slippery pumpkin guts.  Here is a roundup of projects that you don't need a knife for.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.



best of craigslist: edition 51


for a cure

My family has been affected and I am sure yours has too.  Each item featured here donates a portion of the proceeds to a breast cancer charity.  Show your support.



CSA Bounty: Recipes

my share this week of the Serenbe CSA (community supported agriculture) included beans, kale, chinese cabbage, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, purple basil, lettuce, and sweet potatoes.

  • The first night, I needed something quick, easy, and almost clean-up free.  Hello slow-cooker. A fall soup with sweet potatoes and squash.  In went a box of veggie stock, two cubed sweet potatoes, a portion of a leftover onion, and two cubed yellow squash with some sage leftover from the acorn squash pasta recipe last week.  I let all the veggies get soft and blended it with a hand blender right in the pot - full disclosure - I don't like chunky soup with stock so I blend every soup I make into a pureed soup.  It looks prettier too with a drizzle of olive oil and a sage leaf on top. But before you garnish - be sure to add salt and pepper to taste, I do this after blending for a more accurate reading.  I also made grilled cheese to dunk in the soup.  Couldn't be easier.  
  • Kale chips - I love kale and I make a mean kale salad, but wanted something a little easier (noticing a trend?) and different.  These chips are quick and delicious and can be tailored to your tastes - add garlic powder, cayenne, cumin, taco seasoning, etc to find your craving.  I don't think you could even feel guilty if you ate the whole batch, these are so darn good for you.  
  • Chinese cabbage - nothing better to make than chinese chicken salad.  If you don't eat chicken like me, this salad is still delicious and filling and you could add shrimp or tofu for protein.  
  • This week we still have some left over veggies and it may turn into a "kitchen sink" soup here soon since I am picking up this weeks share this afternoon.  I have a lot of beans.  Happy Tuesday!

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook



10 Things I Believe - Julie Holloway

Thanks to Julie Holloway for contributing to the series today!  
To get more of Julie visit her blog, Milk & Honey Home

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friday things

a completely disjointed friday things, but hey thats my life!

A Curated Shop on Etsy Sale, A Curated Lifestyle readers use coupon code ACL15 to get 15% off!

inspiration for tomorrows party (more on that next week)

surprise photobook that came in mail this week filled with photos from our reception dinner

love the contrast of the gold with the mason jar, easy (and pretty) way to display utensils for a party or all the time.  
this was my first computer and I have been a fan ever since.  Thanks for making life easier, Steve Jobs.  You will be missed.  



best of atlanta craigslist: edition 50

This weeks best finds...

To do: throw pillows, string lights, mix drinks, light candles, and enjoy the fall.  
so pretty

You know how brass is back

These are great as bookends or door stops.  



You're Invited: Intro to Fall

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change people are spending more times indoors.  Before the weather gets too cold or wet, this is a perfect, easy party to catch with your friends after a summer of vacations, outdoor BBQs, and lazy afternoons.  A few finger foods and a signature cocktail is all you need.  Simple, inexpensive, and above all pretty effortless.

Invitations are your party's first impression.  Emails are fine, but take the time to make a pretty online invitation and personally address each email (no mass emails).  Send invitations at least 3 weeks in advance and reminders 1 week before. 

This menu can be prepared in advance and cooked just before your guests arrive.  Plus they can be nibbled on throughout the evening.   Use the fresh, high quality ingredients.  Serves 6. 
1. Sausage & Goat Cheese Canapes: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F / 180 C.  Remove casing from 2 Italian sausages, mash meat with 3 oz. goat cheese.  Spread on 1/4" thick baguette slices and bake for 15 minutes (or until sausage is thoroughly cooked).

2. Bacon Swaddled Dates: Preheat oven to 350F/ 180C.  Remove pits from 12 dates and wrap a 1/2 slice of good quality bacon around middle, secure with a toothpick.   Place on aluminum lined baking sheet (with sides to catch grease) and bake for 20 minutes, turn and bake for another 10 min or until bacon is crispy.  

3. Bruschetta: Halve 6 plum tomatoes and gently squeeze seeds out.  Chop and toss with salt and pepper.  Use a sliced garlic clove to rub 12 slices of 1/4" thick baquette, drizzle with olive oil, and toast both sides.  Top with tomatoes and garnish with sliced basil.  

4. Spicy Nuts: Toast 2 cups of unsalted mixed nuts in skillet, stirring frequently until fragrant and just brown, about 5 minutes.  Add 2 tablespoons each butter and water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cumin, 1/4 cup of brown sugar until glaze forms.  Remove from heat and spread on baking sheet to cool.  Serve in a pretty bowl.  

Signature cocktails are the way to go,  since there is only a single drink, you can enjoy your party and not have to worry about playing bartender all evening.  Since it is apple season, this Happy Apple is perfect.  
In a pitcher mix 2.5 cups of fresh apple cider, 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice, 1 cup of gold rum with lots of ice.  Fill an old-fashioned with ice and pour in mixture, garnish with lemon peel.  Serves 6.  

If it's cool enough, a roaring fire is the best accessory.  If not, light scentless white candles for casual elegance.  Everyone does look better in candle light.  A few of these feather centerpieces (RIP Domino Magazine) instead of flowers are festive and unexpected.  Dress up plain white serving trays for the food with a few fall leaves.  

Most importantly a happy, relaxed host has the best parties.  

**This post originally appeared on the now defunct Design Refuge**

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