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Best of Atlanta Craigslist edition 41

I am not really a shabby chic person, but it seems to be the theme for today's finds.  

image 0
Perfect with gray walls, I love the color and nailhead detail.

These would be great filled with potted flowers and herbs

Could be beautiful on a clean white wall.  



windows on design event- applications now accepted



Windows are a small view into a world beyond.  We are using windows in shops around town to showcase new designers and talent in Atlanta.

Design Collective is having our first annual Windows on Design event.

WHAT: Windows on Design is an event that pairs one Showroom window with a Designer to create a one-of-a-kind window display.  Our inaugural 2011 event theme is Celebrating Atlanta. Using Atlanta landmarks, food, history, and events as inspiration Locations and Designers will work together, thinking out of the box to create a amazing art installation that blends different mediums.

WHO: Applications are open to all members and are due by 6pm July 11, 2011. 

WHEN: Location applicants and Designer applicants will be paired (randomly) on August 17th, 2011 and will decide with their partner their window theme at that time.  Windows on Design opens November 1st and runs through the closing party November 16th, 2011.

HOW: Fill out the application here: Windows on Design Celebrating Atlanta Application (you must be a member of Design Collective to apply)

Have questions?  Email Hillary and Capella at info{at}designcollectiveatl{dot}com or visit for more info.

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You're Invited: Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is an easy holiday to prepare for, its casual and decorating can be a no-brainer with the three color scheme.  The trick is to keep it classy and simple.  

1) Use red, white & blue ribbon wrapped around mason jars for vases, drinks, & utensils.  2) Buy or make your own pinwheels and place in rustic buckets with sand.  3) Blue and white dishes, blue napkins and a white table cloth from Scot Meacham Wood 4) String lights to create a warm and inviting outdoor space.


1) Set up a hot dog bar with recipes and toppings to make your and your guests favorite regional dog style (sonoran, hawaiian, new york, chicago, dodger dog, slaw dogs, coneys, half-smokes, etc). 2) Red, White & Blue potato salad 3) For dessert, make it easy on yourself, purchase ready-made cupcakes at the grocery and add fresh berries to the top.  4) Corn on the cob is perfect for the 4th, my favorite way is grilled Mexican-style.  

For help creating a home that you love (and love to entertain at) contact me about design services.



mason jar

There is so much style packed into a little mason jar.  It can hold delicious homemade jams or pickled vegetables.  It can be used as a drink glass filled with sun tea or fresh lemonade.  You can use them as a vase for flowers or a votive holder.

10 Things to Do with Mason Jars Besides Store Stuff10 Things to Do with Mason Jars Besides Store Stuff
Martha Stewart Living

Vintage Tea Party Birthday Ideas

Get Organized Rectangle Vinyl Chalkboard Labels Sticker Set of 12

For help creating a home that you love contact me about design services.

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best of atlanta craigslist

I am sorry I have been so irregular lately!  I got about 5 new projects in the past few weeks and unfortunately A Curated Lifestyle has suffered a bit!  
image 0
Love these colors

Add a few pieces of glass to this and it becomes an awesome bar.

good condition, good looking, good price = great deal

image 2
a canvas for your imagination

The carved detail would look great with a coat of paint

For help creating a home that you love contact me about design services.

Check me out on Facebook & Twitter too!



what's your style?

I get asked all the time "What's your style?"  ummm.....

How do you put into words a visual style?  Each word used could conjure up a different visual to each person you encounter.  Descriptions relying on people's past knowledge and experience with often used words"modern" "classic" "country"etc.  To me this is like trying to describe the color green.

While I am still young and exploring my style - my speciality is rooted in California design and when people ask what that is I end up using words like "global" "outdoors" "casual luxury", but I am a visual person, I am most comfortable with pictures and not words, and somehow I feel my explanations leave people still staring at me blankly.

Over the weekend, I put together this simple fun visual map, to show my visions of how the South (where I live) and California (where I came from) differ.  While my style is evolving, I'd like to say I specialize in casual luxury with a California perspective.

For help creating a home that you love contact me about design services.



friday things

My Herve Chapelier tote to carry my paint books, tape measure, but also to carry my beach towel and sunscreen. 

a bountiful garden (cherry bomb peppers above and tomatoes below)

adventurous client inspiration



best of atlanta craigslist edition 40


wild west

The past few days I spent in Wyoming visiting family and attending my cousin's wedding.  The scenery is always rejuvenating and reminds you of the beautiful world we live in. 

Cutest Kincheloe (my nephew)

Setting for the wedding

Saturday night accomodations

One side of Heart Mountain

Other side of Heart Mountain (view from Kincheloe farm)

View from Kincheloe farm


For help creating a home that you love contact me about design services.

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news and events from Capella

 home of Emily and Andrew de Stefano on Design Sponge
are you signed up for my monthly newsletter?  The pic above is a teaser- get on the list and you'll have the June edition in your email Monday.

Have a great weekend! I'll be in Wyoming and Montana for my annual trip and cousin's wedding.  I'll share pics when I return next week.  



best of atlanta craigslist edition 39


for everywhere

pretty plum sugar
Don't ask me how, but when I was trolling the depths of the internet, I came across Plum Pretty Sugar.  I actually didn't need to look that far, because they are featured (along with me!) in Better Homes and Gardens May issue.    What initially attracted me to this brand, was the beautiful robes in colorful, feminine fabric with a modern twist on traditional patterns.  I would wear the thing everywhere.
For lounging, like plum pretty sugar

For day, like House of Harlow

For the pool or beach, like Bad Joan

But those pretty fabrics are not just for apparel, they also have curtains and bedding and it is reasonably priced!

last four images pretty plum sugar

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