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There is a little oasis in Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood called Garden*Hood, this is where I go when I want to add color to my yard or plant an edible garden.  The staff is friendly and helpful and I can feel confident that the plants I purchase have been nurtured and well taken care of.  I highly recommend visiting Garden*Hood or your local independently-owned garden retail center.  

Bees like it too!

I had to take some of these home with me.

A pleasant welcome home.

I choose flowering plants, plants with vibrantly-colored leaves and a beautiful purple basil.  This arrangement was less than $50.  

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friday things

the best and most favorite things of the week

two of these babies coming to me from the Visual Comfort (aka Circa Lighting) One Kings Lane Sale

Coach Rue Sandal

Peter Chang Tasty 2- spicy food is my drug
img from here

The DVR is set



best of atlanta craigslist edition 38

image 0

Round tables are better for dinner party conversation.

 image 1

image 0
I'll take two, painted black with navy tweed upholstery.

image 0
good legs, good hardware and multi-use




This past weekend I went on a walking tour of Serenbe, not knowing what to expect when we arrived, I was ready to drink the kool-aid before leaving.  The whole community is less than an hour from Atlanta, but has organic farms, stables, great eateries, quaint streets, and a focus on environmentalism, community and sustainability.  The air smells good, flowers are lush, people look relaxed, although there was just a touch of The Truman Show.  The founder Steve Nygren lead the tour and his passion is contagious.  If you haven't been, you should go, actually don't go because tourists, cars, and pollution may ruin the little idyll.

Steve Nygren


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best of atlanta craigslist edition 37

image 0
Victoria Hagan said that game tables are in right now.

This would be great used in an entry or around a dining room table.

Perfect in a dressing room or small bath.

Great shape, needs to be recovered.

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services




I despise duplicate posts, but since this is tonight and I am the host, I know you'll forgive me.  This is information that you'll want to hear if you are on both sides of the fence, trade or not, client or designer.


351 Peachtree Hills Ave Suite 318

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post-production touching

Architectural Digest The Collectors home of Luis Sagrera

Last week I had the immense pleasure of listening to a presentation by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Editoral Director, Clinton Smith titled "Confessions of a Home and Garden Editor: A Behind the Scenes Look".  His confessions?  What you see in the magazine is not real life.  With so many photographic advances you can make the photos look perfect for the magazine, without perfect conditions in actuality.

I know from experience that a room may look perfect and amazing in person, but the limitations of the lens restricts the beauty.  So while photographers of the past would set up the shot and shoot, photographers of today must set up the shot, shoot, and then go into post-production where they will tweak the photographs. So no wonder my amateur point-and-shoot camera never seems even remotely adequate.

Look at the image above from a 1982 book, The Collectors.  Notice the lamp cords under the table?  What about the shadows cast by the candlesticks? There are cracks and odd lines along the walls, and the detail is all but lost in the rug due to bad lighting.  The only reason you see the detail in the chairs is because of strange reflections.  Nevertheless, this is an amazing space and was published in Architectural Digest.

Today photographers would have fixed that on a computer before it was ever published.  Alexa Hampton even commented on it during her keynote last week, while showing a photo of art mysteriously illuminated by lights that had been removed post-production (Alas, this image is not in her new book, should be the left half of page 25).

What about Elle Decor changing the color of the ikat pillows from blue to purple for the cover?

Clint admitted to smoothing lines in the wood walls and removing a sconce in this recent AHL issue.
What do you think of the touching up of interior photographs?

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services.  

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best of atlanta craiglist edition 36

image 2

This is a project, but you could paint it a bright color like the credenza below.

After painted furniture being so popular, I am loving the look of worn natural wood.  But at least give it a good wax.  

image 2

For help creating a home that you love, contact me about design services.



confessions of a client

Some of you know that I started a little organization called Design Collective here in Atlanta.  Well, we have had an amazing year and it's about to get better.  Next Wednesday (May18th 6pm) we are hosting and moderating a panel called Confessions of a Client.  What does that mean?  Well, we are inviting the public and potential clients (into Trade-Only ADAC) to come and hear about the design process from a designer, an architect, and a real-life client.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the design process, hiring a designer, what to ask, and what to expect.

I hope you can make it.  You can go to our website for more info - and you can rsvp to

For help creating a home that you love, contact me about design services.

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living in a french chateau

Building on yesterday's post, here are some things that you will need to live in (or like you live in) a French Chateau.  All of these traits encourage comfort, family and friends.  How could you not want to live here?

1. Large Dining Table: Inside and Out

2. Minimal Furnishings

3. Collected furniture, from family and/or flea markets

4. Open kitchen

5. Exposed beams, stone walls & floors

6. Massive Fireplace

all photos:

For help creating a home that you love (or a French Chateau in your town), contact me about design services.

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