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best of atlanta craigslist- edition 32

image 2296124425-1

image 2292941128-1

image 2292799544-0
Dining Table - $90 (Marietta / East Cobb) you can't even get Ikea at this price.

image 2295689584-1
Pair of Linen Wing Chairs - $200 (Douglasville, GA) I could design a room around these... natural linen sofa, yellow ticking curtains,  some ethnic-print pillows to mix it up.  Who's in?

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services. 



a curated pick: Kevin O'Brien Pillow

what is an interior designer?

Its become clear to me that not everyone understands what an interior designer does, what my job is, how I spend my day.  Unfortunately the proliferation of media has not helped this, but made it worse.  But, its not just that, the business itself is inconsistent and varies from designer to designer (or decorator to decorator).  Each of us choose how to run our business, what the scope of our services will be, are educated differently with different specialities, and how to price.  So I understand that this makes it difficult for clients and those not in the industry.

To boil it down, I work with the client and a team to create a design concept and manage the execution. 

So let me tell you what I do as simply as possible.  I work with my clients to create a design concept that fits their space and how they live.  This is the first thing and I think hardest for clients to understand paying someone for their intellectual property - my design - because most of the work the client does not see, the research, the shopping, making sure things fit both spacially and in design, the floor plans, details, relationship between design and functionality for my client.  If I have done my job well, the client presentation is seamless, planned, and a concept that the client loves.

The design concept phase can be initiated at any time for any space.  For example, if you are building a house, you can bring me on for a whole-house concept, down to the building materials and finishes.  On the other end, if you have most of your furniture and need help pulling it all together, we can work on a design concept for that as well.

Once the design concept is agreed upon and accepted, we move into purchasing.  Sourcing the just right coffee table on budget and managing the purchase, completion, storage, and final installation go into each purchase.  I am a project manager, making sure that items arrive on-time as specified and in good condition.  This requires regular check-ins and phone calls to vendors and showrooms.  But again, my job is to make this seamless, planned, and uneventful for the client.  Issues do arise and I have to keep my clients up-to-date and avoid surprises.

Part of being project manager, I work with architects and builders, contractors and subcontractors to make sure the client's space is completed successfully, on time, on budget, and as desired.

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services.

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a curated pick: anantara naladhu-maldives

it has been far too long since I have done a curated pick post.  While I have the travel bug bad, there are a few places that I have been dying to go for what feels like forever.  The Maldives is one of those places, it is probably top on my list and there is a flash sale over on Jetsetter.

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project list

 there are a ton of projects going on over here, this is just a sampling.  I was thinking this weekend I may need to simplify my life a little.  Do you ever feel that way?

Fabric for "K" pillow for my new nephew - baby Kincheloe (he doesn't have a name yet)

the beginnings of my bedroom valance project that I blogged about in January

the drying phase of new Glacier Ombre Pillows for my Etsy shop

our garden, currently with cabbage and collards and too many onions.  The tomatoes, potatoes are somewhere else and somehow we need to find a spot for the watermelon, jalepeno, and marigold seedlings we have sprouted.  

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services. 



friday things

well-curated imaginative showroom

dogwood blooms

charcoal & rose via Alessandra Branca

fun swingy patterned tops for summer

For help designing a home you love, contact me about design services.  



best of atlanta craigslist- edition 31


the collector: inlay, marquetry, parquetry

This month's collector is about a technique: inlay, marquetry, & parquetry, well these are three techniques, but they are closely related.  I love the look of inlay and am in awe of the talent and detail that it takes to produce.
click to enlarge

1. Clifford A Wallach (marquetry) 2. The Well Appointed House (inlay) 3.Evergreen Antiques (inlay) 4.Moss Antiques (inlaid marquetry) 5. Hardwood Parquet Flooring (parquetry)
A note on Parquet floors: I know that this type of flooring has received a bad wrap in the past.  But like many things, when something is done cheaply or badly it ruins the look despite options that are beautiful (see my post on brass).  I say its time to bring it back! (done well, of course).

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the beautiful shelter: designer series

the beautiful shelter
I want to say thank you to Jenna at the beautiful shelter for inviting me to participate in her designer series.  She has featured many awesome interior designers and I encourage you to add the blog to your reader.  
Thank you Jenna!

If you need help creating a home that you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  

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recipe: dolmades

Last night I had my monthly supper club with some girlfriends, March was Greek-themed and I tried my hand at stuffed grape leaves (dolmades).  Using Tyler Florence's recipe as a starting point, they were pretty easy (rolling was time-consuming) and yummy.  

Some notes about the original recipe, I used water instead of stock.  I used less lemon juice (only had one lemon on hand) and I used 1 cup of water when making the rice (didn't double-check the instructions).  So my point is- these are hard to mess up & cooking does not have to be perfect.  I found my grape leaves at Shahrzah International Market (we were headed back from OTP when we passed this little market on Roswell).  

Check out my cocktail recipe from last month's supper club on Eat.Drink.Shop.Love and I also made this delicious tart that is so good I could eat one myself.  For the tart, I left off the bacon and used maple syrup instead of honey.  

All of the recipes I have shared with you today are easy, inexpensive, & great for entertaining.

If you would like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me for design services.



friday things

Delicious wine (from Perrine's)

a perfect handbag - light, roomy, and will go with anything
Longchamp Le Pliage



best of atlanta craigslist- edition 30

I have been hit by a major cold/allergies and it has left me in bed most of the week and with very little energy; that is the reason that I haven't posted until now.  I had the same symptoms last year that left me out of commission for a week, so just about Saturday I should be back to normal.  In time to go snatch up one of these beauties.

image 2267896989-1

Antique Jewelry Box. - $20 (Acworth near Woodstock) Boxes like this go for hundreds in antique stores.

Engraved Antique Brass and Wooden Side Table - $40 (Roswell Sandy Springs) Makes a great accent piece anywhere, what about next to a bathtub?

Also, check out my guest post today at Eat.Drink.Shop.Love it is a delicious cocktail recipe that you will want to have in your recipe box!

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.  



friday things

I know that a covet, favorite, wish, etc list is a popular post on many blogs.  So I have avoided it, but because practicing gratitude is a positive endeavor, it'll be my new Friday post.  Enjoy! and Happy Weekend!

Gayle Warwick Fine Linens img from designage

Atlanta Skyline at Dusk
Dusk & light filled evenings img from Allen Sullivan

 Backyard gardening & the start of spring img from ecovantage
blockprint tunic Rikhaw Design
PS - If anyone is headed to Scotts on Sunday give me a shout! FacebookTwitter messages are sent straight to my phone or even a good old email



Best of Atlanta Craigslist- Edition 29

Love these, not sure about those shades, they look brass, but thats not how they are described.  Regardless that is a game-time decision.

image 2256105715-0
Hey Nate (lets see if he actually reads my blog, not just says he does), any interest in trading out your current desk for this one?  If you agree, I swear this project goes straight to the top of my to-do list.

image 2254482295-0
So cute and unusual, but I wouldn't stuff it with so many books - so the detailing comes through more than the clutter. 

I am usually drawn to the pieces that need a little work, but I realize that you dear readers, may want pieces that are ready to go.  

image 2248635167-1
Struggled with this one, but I think it would look amazing in the right space and the price is right.



granite & independent thinking

Master Bathroom Counter in Showhouse

What do granite and independent thinking have to do with one another? Let me tell you, I regularly see people oohing and ahhing over granite, like its the finest counter material known to man.  This is one of my serious design peeves.  A man even growled at me at the Christmas Showhouse because I used a quartz composite (Quartzia from Levantina) instead of the almighty granite.  Well sir, Quartzia looks better, has superior resistance to stains and scratches, is hygienic, and is more modern than granite.  Everybody uses granite - why not be unique and use another material?  Quartz, concrete, wood, zinc, onyx, glass, marble are all good options.

Another note about independent thinking, there are a million voices that want to influence your choices and opinions, but make your own decisions.  If you choose something know that its because you like it and not because a blog, or a tv show, or a magazine told you that you should.  Have an opinion, its okay if it is opposite the voice of the consensus.  Its okay to still like suzanis even if they are everywhere.  Or to never want to paint a single room in your home grey.  That is what makes the world interesting.

If you'd like help designing a home you absolutely love, contact me about design services.  You can also follow me on twitter & see what I am saying on facebook.  

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A Roll in the Hay

A Roll in the Hay and by "hay" I mean extremely fine linens.  Imagine this - the finest linen from Italy and the softest cotton from a organic farm in Texas arriving in north Vietnam to be hand-embroidered.  Hand-embroidered - as in every single french knot, straight stitch, chain stitch, back stitch, feather stitch, knotted loop stitch, plaited braid stitch, sorbello stitch, diamond stitch, and hemstitch (okay, I am not sure the exact stitches that are used, but they are complex and plentiful) is done by a needle and thread in the hand of a person.  Vietnam has a long history of extremely delicate hand-embroidery, that unfortunately is being forsaken by the younger generations and becoming one of many handmade traditions that are in danger of extinction.
Seriously I mean by hand (but this is an image I pulled off the internet similar to the one she had on her ipad)
But back to the linens, last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine (okay a few) with several amazing ladies and watching as Gayle Warwick unfolded her hand-embroidered linens and told her story.  Organic before it was hip, an ex-pat living in London, travelling the world in search of the absolute best materials.
Amazing hemstitch linens

These are my favorites - they come in fun colors and if you look closely you can see the sparkle of the contrasting metallic thread.  So perfect.

So yes, these linens have a hefty price tag, but they are made by hand, with the best materials, with love, and I hear they last for years (they have even been put in fancy hotels where you know they get a ton of action).  If you can't afford a whole set of sheets - go for a couple of pillowcases, I am sure that alone will convince you that you need the rest of the set.  Only have $$ instead of $$$$ to spend on table linens?  Go for a set of cocktail napkins - you will probably have them the rest of your life and then your grandkids will be fighting over them, because by then who will hand-embroider anymore?

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Your House Published

I have met such wonderful and supportive people in Atlanta and already have had several offers to submit my work for publication, a designer's dream come true.  However this is the problem that I need your help with dear readers, because as a new designer in business just a year, I don't have many completed projects that I feel are worthy of a magazine. So universe, potential clients, and current clients I am asking for your help.  Current clients, lets finish up your projects and make them amazing and maybe we'll get published.  Potential clients, lets get started on making your home luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful and maybe we'll get published.  Universe, I am ready for my big break.  Don't you want to be published?  I do.

Have an awesome Friday and happy weekend!

September 2010 Magazine

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