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Cover, Uncover, Cover, Uncover

I love solutions that allow you to adjust your room at a whim and curtains in front of bookcases is just that solution.  Bookcase getting too messy?  Don't want your friends seeing your collection of grocery-store romance novels?  Just pull the curtains.

Barry Dixon via Apartment Therapy Chicago
Todd Klein
Traditional Home

Eddie Ross

Who can forget this image from Domino?

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist

Unique Chair Set - two - $150 (Buckhead)
Serious heart palpitations - someone buy these and let me come visit.  I am not kidding.  

image 2225144400-0
Antique Adjustable Floor Lamp - $30 (Duluth)
This one is a no brainer.

image 2231097121-0
Dresser-good condition - $65 (cumming/north forsyth)
Digging all the hardware on this piece.  Would look really great in turquoise.
image 2223208586-0
44pc Bone China Set by Taylor Smith & Taylor - $250 (West Metro)
Why buy new china when you can get vintage at a fraction of the cost?
image 2229435710-0
Leather Chairs - Set of 2 - $200 (East Cobb)
Its rare you find pieces on CL that you actually want to keep the upholstery.



From the Brass Section

Jonathan Berger room via Decor Pad- Those sunburst mirrors that are so popular - many of them are brass.   
Biggs Powell French Brass Convex Mirror
When I was doing the Christmas Showhouse, I really wanted to use brass fittings in the Master Bathroom, the cabinet guy thought I was crazy.  Brass has lost popularity since builders in the 1980s & 1990s used that horrific lacquered yellow brass all over perfectly nice homes.  Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc - meaning that it comes in a range of colors depending on the mix. 
Scary yellow brass
There are many options on colors and patinas when choosing brass.  So while I wasn't able to use brass plumbing in the Master (too hard to a pretty brass toilet valve) - I am sure that in the future I will get my chance because brass is back.  So start buying those solid brass candlesticks and accessories that you see at flea markets and thrift stores because the demand is rising.  

These chairs from ABC Modern in Atlanta I have been visiting daily.  
$4 each at a thrift shop

Etch Light Brass
Tom Dixon Etch Light
Kelly Wearstler
That awesome brass bed I posted last week on my Best of Atlanta - still available.  And check out how these bloggers feel about brass:

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Hardware is to furniture as jewelry is to a woman.

Hardware is to furniture as jewelry is to a woman.  Its so important to add a little something extra to make it feel a little special, don't you think?  These brass pulls were inexpensive and have a nice weathered look that adds a touch of history (so important in design).

And THANK YOU to Brian Patrick Flynn for interviewing me for the Craigslist 101 article on HGTV Design Happens.  

It is a how-to guide for finding the best stuff on Craigslist.  But if you are in the Atlanta area, I already do the work for you in my Best of Atlanta posts every Thursday.  Or you can head over to Fresh Quince  for DC area finds every Friday.  

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist

Covered in high-quality Belgium linen with great curves. 

You've been hearing brass is back and this piece has a great patina and cool lines, just needs the right space and styling.

Take a look at the link to see the beautiful wood grain and brass hardware.   

image 2216198648-0
Anything that encourages cocktails is a good thing.  




modern & rustic, clean-lined, hearty, urban, comfortable, functional, earthy were some of the keywords used when designing this living space in Tribeca for a couple that was limited on square footage, but not on activities and hobbies to fill their apartment.  

Using their existing rug as a jumping point the rest of the apartment was designed to use every square inch (no table lamps here) and provide a respite from their busy corporate careers.  

If you are interested in IDESIGN services or to see past projects visit

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$30 to Fabulous continued...


Remember this post, about this DIY? Well in the original post the dresser did not have hardware yet.  You can't really see the hardware in the image, but I choose Ribbon Ring Pulls.  I think that it looks substantial and gives the piece the importance it needed.
Ribbon Ring Pulls - Hardware

You can also see the lamp that I covered a how-to in this post.  When I purchased the lamp, I thought the Robin's egg blue was pretty, but didn't go in the room at all.  So I spray painted it a dark indigo blue that looks much richer.



the collector: french bridge chairs

(Take this with you when shopping)

Starting off my new monthly series, the collector, with a chair that I knew of nothing until 2 years ago when I bought a pair.  With no information coming from the seller, I went to cyberspace to find out what I could.  I discovered my chairs were a perfect specimens of French Bridge Chairs, albeit not in great condition.  Someone's cat had gotten to them and I can't bring myself to replace the leather because it has so much history and character.  In fact I wrote about it here, in one of my first ever posts.  But in case you ever run across a pair of these lovelies you will know what your dealing with.

Up next month on the collector: inlay.  Tell me what you think of this new series.  Yay or Nay?  You can leave a comment on my FB page too.  Oh and Happy V-Day!

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist

So obviously I was having a bit of bloggers block for the first part of the week and then when I sat down to write - what came out was a whole new blog design.  Just like my house, A Curated Lifestyle is constantly being changed and updated.  So take a look around - notice more streamlined buttons to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter - and tell me your thoughts.

Then you can make plans to go pick up all these awesome things I found on Craigslist this week.

Not the same secretary you see everyday.  

It still amazes me that people will by bland furniture for more money, when you can get something like this.  

Not a lot to see in the picture, but what you can see is hinting at amazing.

I don't see this very often and $135 for a bed frame with head & foot board?  Why are you still sitting there?

Remember that rug that I put on this Best of Atlanta?  It is still available and at a lower price.  Let me tell you that rugs are the item that I always regret not buying.  I am still thinking about this deal.  



You get a discount

Do you know I make pillows?  
Now is a great time to check them out because I just lowered prices & did a little work in the shop. 
 Plus through midnight ET on Sunday use coupon code CURATED0204 to get 15% off.  



Best of Atlanta Craigslist

image 2189910524-0
I am telling you that brass is back.  

Don't farmhouse tables make you want to have a dinner party?

You don't see chairs like this anymore.  These would look great in a navy fabric with lime contrast welt.  

This needs a lot of TLC, but could be a really special and unusual piece when complete.  

Such pretty details and legs.  

Like what you see?  Take a few moments and like CKID on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.  I'd love you for it.  



My work in a magazine

Many of you know that I did the Atlanta Christmas Showhouse that ran from November 26 thru December 12th.  I had a blast!  Now you can see shots from two out of three bathrooms that I designed from the walls out.  In a few months I can show you more images of the spaces and the mysterious third bathroom.  To get a better look at this article visit my Press page.  

All images from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.  But you really should go out and buy one yourself!

And I like company so if you enjoy fun design stuff follow me on Twitter and hop on over to Facebook and like CKID.  

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