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Milk & Honey Guest Post:


Decorating:  Collections

I am so honored to be posting here at Capella's blog.  I can't
wait to see her spaces in AH&L Christmas House, can you?

I want to share today a few things that are easy on my eyes:
collections.  If decorating doesn't come easily to you,
one thing you can try is to group things in your home.  You can
"go shopping" in your own rooms and use things you already home.
 Collect your accessories and see what you can pull together in
the same hue.  You may be surprised what you can create!

Above, here is a picture of our mantel.  I love some sparkle in
a room (especially near lighting where you get more bang for your
buck), so mercury glass was a good option here.  And the more,
the merrier!

Here, in the office, I have a small vignette of some white items.
 There is no rule, but there is something pleasing of groupings
in odd numbers.

Even in the laundry room make a little grouping.  Instead of
hodge podge items everywhere, make your chores more beautiful and
appealing by adding a collection of baskets, vintage glass canisters,

I admit I stole this idea from Martha Stewart....some dishes call for
wooden utensils, some for metal.  Keep a little order and create
a little beauty by grouping them in their own vase, bucket or the

People are amazed that I can "handle" our open shelving.  I am
not a particularly neat person, but this is okay when you have
tableware and glasses that are all white or all of the same material.
 It can create visual order even when it is messy.

As you can tell by now, I am a lover of white.  I created
another grouping in our bedroom.  Here I have white candles, a
white iron mirror, and white jars filled with hair bands and

You don't have to go over-the-top in making collections; it is nice
on the eye to have a blank wall next to a wall filled with art (so
the mind can rest).  But instead of having little knick-knacks
all of the home, try grouping them for beauty, meaning and impact.

Have a great day!  Julie from Milk and Honey Home

While Julie is on A Curated Lifestyle today, you can see my monthly Design Refuge post, You're Invited for ideas on a Jackson Pollock Inspired Cocktail Party.  Enjoy!  

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Christmas House is Open!!!

If you are reading this you are probably stuffed with turkey and possibly even had leftover pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream and coffee for breakfast.  I on the other hand, having done all the previously mentioned stuff am also at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House  for opening day.  Starts at 10am ends at 5 and is much better than braving the Black Friday crowds.

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have been working on for the past few months.  I hope that if you are in the area you will be able to come by and see the Showhouse in its entirety.

Also, I would like to thank these vendors for their contributions to my spaces; The Mercantile, Levantina, Bell Cabinets, Foxglove, European Sink, Elegant Additions, PDI, Cathy Flynn, Jim Thompson, T. Bolero, Blayne Beacham, Reed Decker, Tina Steele Lindsey, Danlar, Traditions, Ainsworth-Noah, Keivan Woven Arts, Emily Amy Gallery.  I will do a proper thank you later when I have more time but without these vendors my rooms would not have come together like they did!

While I had three bathrooms in the Showhouse, I was able to provide specifications on all plumbing, faucetry, tile, layout, hardware, lighting, vanity design... everything.  I hope that you enjoy.

For more information on times and tickets for the Atlanta Christmas House, please visit

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Charm Home Guest Post: Fall Inspired Interiors

Hi A Curated Lifestyle Readers!
I’m so excited to be visiting you all here at Capella’s blog.  I have been a fan of A Curated Lifestyle ever since I discovered Capella's design firm earlier this year, and I love reading Capella’s daily blog posts.  I jumped at the chance to write a guest post for Capella when she sent out the request for guest bloggers a few weeks ago.  Thanks for having me over Capella!

Cozy up to Fall

Fall is most definitely my favorite time of year.  I love the briskness in the air, the change of the leaves, the smell of fires in fireplaces, the Autumn colors…pretty much everything about it.  Here in Atlanta we don’t get to have too long of a fall season.  It seems that winter comes just as soon as fall has gotten here.  I do love it while it lasts though. 
To me warm Autumn colors help to create some of the coziest interiors.  I thought I would share some of my favorite cozy fall-inspired interiors with you.

{images – 1-2: martha stewart, 3-10: house beautiful}

I hope you all have a cozy fall season this year!
Oh, and if you will be in town during December 10th - 12th please sign up for the Lavish Conference in December where I'll be speaking on a panel along with Capella.

Thank you to Crisit from Charm Home for today's post! 

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Ask A Designer

You know when you are decorating your house and you need a second opinion?  Or you need a suggestion on paint colors?  You want an expert opinion, but don't have enough work to hire a designer?  I have started a group in Atlanta that allows you to have your design-related questions answered quickly and inexpensively.  Interested?  Well, Ask A Designer.

Ask A Designer is a monthly meeting where you can bring all your decorating questions and have them answered by a professional designer.  Come once or come several times until your space is complete.  To learn more visit: Ask A Designer.  Be sure to pass this information onto your friends and family in the Atlanta area, it is free to join.  

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Tablescapes & Design Rescue

I was contacted over the weekend by a casting agent looking for families for his show, Design Rescue.  Does this sound like you?
Click image above to see larger.

Also, I am kicking off a holiday series called Inspired Tablescapes at Stylish Bird today.  So click over and check out my suggestions on fresh holiday decor.  

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How to be a Design Snob

A fun list of some made-up and some not so made up qualifications.  
  1. Use obscure references that you are sure that those listening will have no clue what you are talking about.
  2. Have 6 bathrooms, but live by yourself.
  3. Use an individual wine aerator.  
  4. Use only custom pencils in your signature color.
  5. Discuss the provenance of the mid 19th century French Louis XVI fauteuil.  
  6. Why you are at it, discuss the difference between the all the Louis (XIV, XVI, XV, etc).
  7. Demand 600 count sheets and wash and iron them every other day. 
  8. Pay $1000 for a design coffee table book.  
  9. Name your house.  As in "we'll be at The Gables this weekend if you want to call".  
  10. Have $3000 worth of sheets shipped to your vacation house in Mustique, because the rental sheets could ruin your vacation.  



Best of Atlanta Craigslist

Been awhile hasn't it?
image 2066015659-0

image 2065636200-1
Awesome shape with beautiful legs and hardware. 

image 2065549168-0
This is simple, with beautiful brass hardware.

image 2064944054-0
Sometimes the simplest descriptions hide the treasures.

image 2064143269-0
Antique Chinese Ginger Jar - $65 (Antique China/ Porcelain)
A traditional way to add color. 



First and Next: Mentors & Proteges

During a presentation by John Saladino this spring, I saw many design similarities with my former boss, Michael Smith, a former Saladino protege.  This made me think about other well known designers and their mentors.  
First: John Saladino
Next: Michael Smith

Next Next: Capella Kincheloe
Okay, I don't have Michael Smith budgets...yet!

First: Parish-Hadley

Next: Bunny Williams
First: Miles Redd
(Redd was also a Next of Bunny Williams)

Next: Nick Olson

First: Tony Duquette
Wilkinson has decorated a sitting room in the same unit as my bathrooms in the Atlanta Christmas House

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Peeling Walls are a "Do"

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Thea Beasley

This post has been brewing for awhile,  I love the look of layered, peeling, plastered, painted, mottled walls.  When I saw Thea Beasley's room in the November Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, I knew it was time.  There is a mystery about these walls, the unknown history, one layer at a time reveals a different era and style.  Handpainted wallpaper from the 1940s revealed under layers of paint or historic plaster unearthed under paper from the 1980s.  Beasley's beautiful plaster exposed after "scraping 'layers and layers and layers' of peeling paint.  She attributes the mottling to the buildings dramatic fluctuations in temperature over the years."
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Thea Beasley
SImon Brown Photography
"Peeling Paint" Wallpaper by Gina Pierce
This look does not come easy or does it?

image via Shoot Factory

PS - I feel I have been a little neglectful of my blog lately, I hope to start paying a little more attention!


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Flip Flops Guest Post: Holiday Bar Carts

Today I am installing my rooms at The Mansion for the Christmas Showhouse, so Jade from Flip Flops & Pearls has done a Guest Post for A Curated Lifestyle.  I think my bar may have to be relocated to make room for my Thanksgiving feast.  Just relocated.  I still will need the bar with all the family coming into town.

I am so excited to be a guest on Capella's blog while she is busy with tons of great projects!!

With the holidays just around the corner and party planning in full  swing, I wanted to visit an important part of any holiday soiree...the  bar cart.  Bar carts are a popular topic in the blog world and  rightfully so! They bring a level of sophistication and swank to your dining room.  They can vary in style from glamorous to rustic and vary  in size as well. You can have a whole console devoted to bar ware and  libations to a small tray filled with the essentials.

To get everyone in the spirit, here's a martini recipe that would be fitting for any holiday fete...


Thanks to Jade from Flip Flops & Pearls.  

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Social Media Free- Week: A Rundown

Last week I decided to go without Facebook, Twitter, or Blogging.  My purpose was to see how beneficial social media is in my business and life.  In the beginning I felt a little lonely, I was conditioned to share with my online network events of my day, articles I found interesting, where I was, etc.  Toward the end of the week I was relishing in my freedom.  This week off was good, I did have more time to tackle things on my to-do list.  You know all the stuff that takes 10 minutes but is pushed aside to be on Twitter?  That got done.  

I was more productive, if you measure that by crossing items off a list.  Although that's not what our world is about anymore.  It is about relationships and if you are not visible, then you are forgotten.  I could (and did for a few days) extend my time off line.  This month is probably going to be slower than past months because I plan to be at the Showhouse 4 days a week.  But it is important to maintain and grow relationships online.  I learn a lot from my online friends - they share amazing information that I may not have run across otherwise.  I got 11 new Twitter followers.  My weekly business goals were cut by 4 immediately, since those all relate to social media.  

Here are some stats for you for the week I was MIA:
  • 11 new Twitter Followers
  • A Curated Lifestyle suffered, -33.5% of Visits compared with the week before (all analytics were down significantly).  
  • did better, probably because I was getting press from my presentation at Miami Circle Marketplace.  Strangely, the only area that the % declined was in new visits.  Hmmm.

I feel like I missed out a little, but everyone needs a vacation.  Here is what I learned: 1) I need to be more efficient and productive in my social media interactions 2) I need a plan, so it doesn't take over.  3) I am not sure how to accomplish 1 & 2 yet, but by Lavish I hope to have some greater insights for you.  

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Single Bubble Pop Guest Post : Pieces of Time

Daylight savings time ended recently and even though we gained an hour on Sunday, I feel like I simultaneously gained 4 hours of work! That leaves me with still -3 hours of free time, and I know I'm not the only one crunched for time! This is week 45 of the year which means we only have 8 weeks left to get our goals for 2010 accomplished. Where are you in reaching yours? If you need help keeping track of time, why not try one of these stylish options?

Thanks for having me Capella!

To see more of Niki visit her blog, Single Bubble Pop.

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