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Social Media Free Week

meet simple person quiet
This coming week, Sun October 31st thru November 5th, I am going social media free.  I will not be blogging, tweeting, logging into Facebook or LinkedIn.  I am doing a little experiment in how much social media impacts my life and my work.  I am going to see how productive I am without it, how many free hours suddenly appear, and how much I miss from my online network.  Will people still follow me on twitter?  Will I still get daily blog visitors?  Will I anger someone for not responding to their FB message?  How many times will I slip up (because I am a little addicted)? This is going to be interesting!

I am curious to see what happens and I am gathering this information to be a better panelist at Lavish! this December.

Unfortunately, I will not be totally cut off, I receive updates from Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger in my email, which I have decided to read but not respond to these notices.

Wish me luck and I will see you in a week!

PS - I am speaking on Small Changes for A Big Impact at Miami Circle Marketplace November 4th 11am.  I hope to see you there and maybe you could help me out by spreading the news since I am going deep under.

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Artist Reception + You're Invited

You're Invited to view my new contributing post to Design Refuge.  Each month I will be planning a different event including invitations, suggestions on food, cocktails, and decorations October's post is You're Invited: Intro to Fall Party.

Jen Bradley, "American Lady," Mixed media on canvas, 44" x 40"
Jen Bradley, "American Lady," Mixed media on canvas, 44" x 40"

And also, if you are in Atlanta, my friend Emily Amy is having an artist reception tonight at her gallery.  New paintings from Jen Bradley and Doug Trump 7-10pm.  If you are afraid of color, this is not the show for you!

Emily Amy Gallery
1000 Marietta Street Suite 208
Atlanta, GA 30318

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist


Small Changes, Big Impact

Come see me November 4th at 11am, I will be discussing Small Changes for a Big Impact.  To learn more visit The Miami Circle Marketplace

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Latest IDESIGN: Denver Living Room

I would love to have this room for myself.  The client wanted his space to look earthy and lived in.  The rug softens the space and keeps it from being too masculine.  This isn't his Chesterfield sofa, he had a hand-me-down from his great uncle which kept the project in budget.  I am loving the bison art and think it fits perfectly into a Western home.  

To find out more about IDESIGN, visit

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist


Guest Bloggers Needed!

November is super busy month, speaking engagements, the Showhouse, IDESIGN projects (will post when complete!), plus projects that are on the DL for now but will soon come to light and I am out of town for a week, oh and I am hosting 12(maybe) for Thanksgiving.  I need some help!  If you are interested in doing a guest post on A Curated Lifestyle, whether you have your own blog or not send me an email at  Any topics lifestyle-related.



Love This: Walker Dining Table

Crate & Barrel Walker Dining Table

Its no secret that I am a huge fan of farmhouse tables and this had the right shape.  The simple lines paired with a shock of color just works.  Can you imagine if it came in plum or kiwi?

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Working on a Showhouse

I was at The Mansion on Peachtree this morning placing the tub and tub filler in the Master Bath on the 41st floor.  Its not centered, I hope you don't mind!  The space is really taking shape, last time I was there it was still drywall and dust.  Today, all the floors, tile, tubs and vanities were in.  It was so nice to see everything together and in the space.  I took photos, but I doubt they want me to show the world before opening.  But it looks AMAZING.

I delivered the lighting this morning and did a little something special to the Master Bathroom sconces.  Keep a lookout for those when you walk through.  I also picked up all the linens and some accessories this morning.  I am in love with the towels!  They are beautiful.  Make sure that you take a peek in the Master Water Closet, something fun and whimsical will be waiting for you.

Working on a Showhouse is very different from having a client, I hear that some designers create an imaginary client to cater their designs to.  Like all of my designs, I have a starting point, something that inspires me to create the entire design around.  In the Master it was an antique credenza re-imagined as a vanity.  In the Powder Room it was the wallpaper, in the Guest/Study Bath it was the beautiful plumbing.

The Showhouse opens November 26th and features amazing designers - including fellow Californian Hutton Wilkinson.  Please come and see me, I am planning on being there everyday to answer questions and hear any comments.



Servant's Chairs fit for Royalty

Dramatic statement-making chairs and a favorite of Kelly Wearstler look like they were made for royalty- but were originally for servants.  Called Porter's chairs for the men who waited by drafty doors (sunk into the chair for warmth) for guests to arrive.

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist


Camping + Glam =G-L-A-M-P-ING

I love camping - serious, no amenity camping.  Sometimes a girl needs to get away from all these super luxurious interiors I deal with everyday.  Not to mention the endless phone calls, decorating emergencies!, and last-minute mind changes.

Now those of you who don't like serious camping can go glamping.  A way to stay in a tent and commune with nature, but not too much.  In the past few years glamping has exploded, an easy, but glamorous way to get away.
The Resort at Paws, Montana  
Paperback Camp, Australia
El Capitan, Santa Barbara

Martyn House, Georgia

Want more information on where to Glamp?  Try Glamping Girl

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For your calendars

of LAND and SEA




Atlanta, Ga 30318


Spread the word!  More info here.  Who doesn't want this goat painting?




Malachite Stalactites 

Another pattern based on stone (see marbleizing) has been on my hot list lately.  

Jim Thompson Gemstone 
Started with this fabric from Tony Duquette Collection by Jim Thompson.  (PS- Couldn't be more excited that Hutton Wilkinson, owner & creative director of Tony Duquette Inc is doing a room in the Christmas Showhouse!)
Side Table
Periodical Holder

Matchbox from Shandell's
Teti Malachite Baldi Bath Tub



Window Solutions: Delia Shades

In the Master Bathroom of the Christmas Showhouse are two HUGE windows.  I struggled with what to do with these windows - they are a little awkward: not centered in the space with a window ledge.  The size of the window is not right for roman shades (too heavy to open) and the space is a little cramped for full curtains.  Ultimately because the view is amazing and no one will be using the toilet during the Showhouse the windows will remain naked until the new owners move in.

When they do (whomever they are) this is what I would do:  Delia Shades.

It started with custom fretwork panels, these panels are beautiful and can be as detailed or simple as you want, still let light in and give a little of the view.  They could be lined with fabric to provide more privacy.
Asian Art
Nadeaus  Auction

Searching through old Domino's like I do, I came across an old article on Delia Shades.  Each shade is designed and scaled to fit the window.  They send photos for approval so clients know exactly what their windows (& room) will look like with the shades.  You have control over how sheer you want to go.  Perfect!

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist