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Wednesday Feature: Julep Studio

We've had designers and the general manager of Jasper featured on my special Michael Smith alum posts, but the alum this week is a person who got up close and personal with Michael for 6 years, someone whose patience, humor, and coping skills are superhuman, his former assistant (although that title seems so simple compared to what she actually accomplished).

Sabrina Doherty started Julep Studio not long after leaving Michael Smith Inc and she runs it with her husband, Julian.  Julep has made it mark in Los Angeles in a short time doing floral arrangements for high profile clients (aka I can't tell you who).  Recently, Julep opened it's doors with it's first retail shop on Sunset Blvd.  A cafe is in the works (Julian is a chef too!) along with a line of fragrances and candles.  Sabrina and Julian were so kind as to tell me their favorite things.

Candle: Sabrina & Julian anything from Royal Apothic -  it's a newer line that we just discovered and are going to carry in our shop because ALL the smells are amazing... it's hard to pick just one scent that we like best!
Sheets: S&J right now we have the vintage washed Belgian linen sheets from restoration hardware on our bed. they are so soft and light weight.

Fashion Designer: S Stella McCartney, I love her stuff and in a dream world would love to wear it all the reality what  I wear/like.... a la J. Crew and Vince...I work with all things that make me messy...this is coming from someone who's learned from her mistakes... J: i don't really follow "trends" and wouldn't say i have a fashion designer i follow...if it looks good, i'll wear it

Special occasion restaurant:  S&J Heathcotes Longridge in Preston Lancashire, UK (the best rack of lamb in the world)
Casual restaurant: S chez jules, aka our kitchen at home as jules worked as a chef for over 10 years in England.

Flower: S Cafe Au Lait Dahlia or Yves Piaget rose  J freesia, Love the smell reminds me of being a kid at easter time!! also it was my mothers favourite flower.

iphone or blackberry: S&J IPhone 4 all the way - we recently converted to the world of iphones and LOVE it!!!

Art: S Gerhard Richter - his photo paintings are amazing. J John Squire - great musician, great artist

Favorite discovery:  "tigers like pepper not cinnamon" 

Necessary extravagance: S William Yeoward crystal vases. J afternoon tea and cake

Shoes: S thats an easy one...anything that says Christian LouboutinAdidas shell toes

Favorite furniture/design/home shop: we've become very big fans of restoration hardware these days as we just moved into our new house and have way too much to furnish

Watch:  S 1965 vintage rolex that i treated myself to a few years ago.  J I've heard Casio's are pretty good, especially the ones with the calculators on them, but I prefer to wear a rolex submariner.                   
Dessert:  S jules' tiramisu or his red velvet cupcakes which i am devouring right now as i type this.. chocolate fondant with creme anglaise

Vacation Destination:  S&J Meribel in Les Trois Vallees, which is part of Savoie in France, it's the perfect winter trip..we both love the snow and have friends that own a chalet there.

Favorite Charity: S&J ASPCA - we have 4 dogs and 1 cat, 3 of which were rescued. 

City to shop: S&J Europe during the holidays, so many pretty things everywhere you look..

Biggest inspiration: S any flowering garden I see in person or in a book or magazine. There's always something new to see to fill me with ideas for future work. J Lord Alan Sugar - he started with a simple ice cream van..

Piece of Jewelry: S my Haribo gummy ring that jules proposed to me with while I was visiting him in England - its as hard as a rock now...haha  (my actual ring was still being made and wasn't going to be ready before I left back home and he wanted to propose while I was there)

What are you working on currently? A lot!!!

Julep Studio is located at 5904 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (323) 467-7402.