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Best of Atlanta Craigslist

I had high hopes for today's post, since the last Best of was full of great items.  But alas, this week is thin on great finds, but what I did scrape together are worth it.  

This is a steal at $195.  

I love this color in rugs.

From the photos the fabric looks like it is in good condition and what about that tufting?



A Curated Shop Fall Sale

Quick post today to let you know that my Etsy shop is having a 25% off fall sale.  This also includes my hand-dyed Ombre Collection.  All pillows are handmade from rare and designer fabrics.  Have a look!



Jim Thompson No 9 Shop

Do you know that Jim Thompson has branched out into accessories?  The company known for its amazing and extensive Thai silk fabric has used their casual cotton and linen line, No. 9 to create a line of accessories including totes, handbags, robes, travel bags, tissue box covers, kindle covers, notepads and more.  I was at a preview this past week and the products are amazing, the travel bags are bright and trimmed in beautiful contrasting leather.

Aren't these bags amazing?

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4 Trends in Design

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing House Beautiful editor, Newell Turner speak.  He laid out the four latest trends in design, which I have summarized for you.  Do you agree with his choices?

Ruralists - 
Natural materials, wood, exposed beams, nature-inspired, raw, colors inspired by the outdoors. 

Accessorators - 
Design strong on final touches and details.  

New Victorian
Rich materials, dark colors, black accents, specimen accessories.

Glam - 
Luxury, fancy detailing, expensive materials & finishes.

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Wednesday Feature: TBD

My Wednesday Feature series was so popular I am going to expand the posts from Michael Smith alums to others.  Are you in an interior design related field?  Have you started your own business/brand/company?  I want to hear about you!  Send me an email with "Wednesday Feature" in the subject line and tell me about yourself.  If selected to be a Wednesday Feature, I will email further instructions. You can also spread the good will and nominate a friend or person you admire.



The Colorless ATL

I was at the House Beautiful Design Institute Keynote Panel last Thursday and the topic was "Big Trends, Fringe Moments and the Color of It All".  In a post later this week I will recap Newell Turner's four big trends right now.  They are really great and I love them all, but today's post is on COLOR.

Moving to Atlanta was a big aesthetic change.  The south views interiors much differently from designers and consumers in California.  To simplify: southern interiors are often colorless.  Okay, at this point you can argue with me about the subtleties of blueish grey and greyish blue and that creme is a color, but Atlanta is really lacking color interest.  You can point to designers such as Decor Demon's Brian Patrick Flynn and John Oetgen who are doing loads of big bright in-your-face color, but generally Atlanta designers are known for soft neutrals and pastels.  Don't get me wrong, all of these are beautiful interiors, but I am ready for something fresher and more vibrant in my adopted city.

I am looking for clients who are not afraid of a mustard couch or a aubergine velvet chair.  Clients who are not stuck in the formality of the old south, those that want bold pattern (not talking chintz here), want to bring in pieces from their travels (mexican wrestling masks, chinese silks, balinese bells!), those who want escape the world of safety beige and be adventurous!  Below are images from some of my favorite California designers.  But don't forget that the King of Color is from Atlanta.

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One Kings Lane Sale with Oliver Furth

Remember a few weeks ago my Wednesday Feature on the dynamic Oliver Furth?  Oliver is now curating a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane, a favorite for high-end home goods on sale (let me know if you need an invite).  Take a look at his Design Essentials run-down.  The sale starts tonight at 6pm PT/9pm ET- take a look even if you don't plan on buying, each piece is vintage and one-of-a-kind.  One Kings Lane gave me a sneak peek at what is going up for sale.
A little Ikat...

A little mid-century...

A little Adirondack...

From these items it is sure to be a varied and captivating sale!

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IDESIGN: Nursery

I received an IDESIGN request for a nursery and was apprehensive.  I had never designed a nursery and truth be told, many baby's rooms look like a children's book threw up all over.  Thankfully, we found each other because the soon-to-be parents had only three requests:
1. Nothing too babyish.
2. Furniture that their child could grow into.
3. Gender neutral.  (They weren't going to find out the sex beforehand.)

{This IDESIGN has been edited for A Curated Lifestyle, sources remain confidential for clients}

So what do you think?  I started with the curtain fabric - I usually find one point of inspiration and build on that.  The beautiful grey-blue and light mustardy-yellow didn't seem too masculine or feminine and I pulled the wall colors from the fabric, adding a yellow stripe for visual interest.  The crib and dresser are modern, clean shapes balanced by the traditional shape of the armchair and ethnic pattern on the rug.  I pulled in a little nature with bird prints that incorporate the colors and are neither boyish nor girly.  And I love how the light plays off the shape in the curtain fabric.

Here are some more really cute options for a nursery or kid's room.  

Want IDESIGN for your rooms?  Visit my website for more information. 

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A Curated Pick: Visual Comfort

One of my favorite lighting sources is having a sale on One Kings Lane today.  While at Michael Smith, I managed all of his licensing agreements, including Visual Comfort, helping facilitate designs and development.  Now you can own one of these lamps at the One Kings Lane sale - Hurry!

Lucca Table Lamp $169
This sale ends on 09/20 at 11am EDT

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Best of Atlanta Craigslist

It looks like a lot of fall cleaning is going on!  There are a lot of great pieces on CL right now, sometimes it takes a lot of searching to compose this post, but not this week!

Because you can never have enough storage.  

Do not replace this mirror with new mirror!

There are few things as genius as expanding tables, especially those with self-contained leaves.

Man, do I love chairs.  

Great channel detail.  

Rule #37: Just because it's old does not mean that it is worth a lot of money.

Happy Shopping!



What's Hot Now

I can't believe I haven't done a post on this yet!  I was named in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles "What's Hot Now" issue (September 2010).  Listed under Expert Advice, visit my website to see the full article (okay its a blurb, but still so exciting!)  Need my expert advice?  Operators are standing by.

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Wednesday Feature: Schuyler Samperton

We are winding down my Wednesday Feature on Michael Smith alums, so I think it is fitting that we are  closing up with one of the most well known, Schuyler Samperton.  While Schuyler and I have never met (we both did four years with Michael, but a few years apart), she did kindly answer questions about her favorite things.

Candle: Diptyque Baises
Sheets: Libeco
Fashion Designer: Ralph Lauren
Casual restaurant: Malibu Seafood
Flower: Peony
iphone or blackberry: iphone
Art: Dean Larson’s portraits of my dogs
Necessary extravagance: Massages with Johannes
Favorite furniture/design/home shop: Maison 819
Watch: Cartier tank or vintage Rolex
Dessert: Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip 
Vacation Destination: Sun Valley, ID
Piece of Jewelry: The elk teeth necklace that belonged to my boyfriend, Stephen
What are you working on currently: Houses in the Palisades, Malibu and Venice, CA

Interior photos courtesy of