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Wednesday Feature: Oliver Furth

The past few Wednesdays, if you have noticed, I have been featuring Michael Smith alums.  Thus far Maine Design and Style Curator, Michal Spitzer have been featured.  Next week Ferrick Mason Fabrics, from the former General Manager of Jasper Fabrics.  I am highlighting this very talented, ambitious group as people to keep on your radar.

But this post today is about the ridiculously stylish and wise beyond his years, Oliver Furth.  Oliver at the tender age of 23 started his own firm, becoming wildly successful and a fixture in the Los Angeles design community.  In June he was named one of the 5 Designers to Watch by Elle Decor.  He has a gravitational pull and a laugh that instantly makes you feel comfortable.  Below are some of Oliver's favorite things:
Favorite candle? Diptique, Black Baies
Sheets? white !
Fashion Designer? I'm into fashion 'conceptually', more than as a consumer. I often look to Philip Lim, Valentino, Miuccia Prada, vintage Lanvin, etc. inspiration
For myself, I'm a couple of pieces away from a total uniform. Most of the time, I wear jeans and a blue blazer, with either a white shirt, pink shirt, or blue shirt.
Special occasion restaurant? L'Aimie Louis, Paris
Casual restaurant? Pizzeria Mozza
Flower? crimson peony
iphone or blackberry? Blackberry ...but I'm kind of a luddite. just barely computer literate
Art? I'm a big fan of contemporary art, especially bringing art "to the people". I'm involved with LACMA, and I'm a big supporter of a organization called LA X ART;
Shoes? I'm a loafer guy. Tods usually
Furniture/design/home shop? JF Chen
Watch?  I treated myself last birthday, to a two-tone rolex daytona. So, I've been wearing that a lot lately.
Dessert? Birthday Cake from Hansen's
Vacation Destination? these days... anyplace without cell reception
Favorite Charity? Decorative Arts and Design Council @ LACMA
Piece of Jewelry?  I wear a cartier tri-color rolling ring.
City to shop? Los Angeles of course!
Dinner Party dish? Chinese delivery. Particularly crispy spicy beef from Twin Dragon
Biggest inspiration? I'm constantly looking, and seeing, and I'm constantly inspired. Traveling helps certainly. Also fashion, old films, vintage car colors, contemporary architecture. Sometimes natures proves the best inspiration. The colors found in a sunset, a flower, a butterfly are often far more daring and unusual than I could come up with on my own.
Book? The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
Necessary extravagance? ...uhhh, all of the above :-)
What are you working on currently?  I'm busy these days, and very thankful for it!  Working on some super fun decorating projects... a practical take on 1970s glam, for a young family in Beverly Hills; period restoration of a 1920s Art Deco / Spanish residence in Holmby Hills; a colorful contemporary pied e’terre at the beach, for a bi-coastal art collector.

In addition to my design jobs, I consulting for LACMA, in the decorative arts department, and I’m a partner in the online Design community, Balustrade & Bitters.

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