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Atlanta 10 Under 40

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles is on the prowl for Atlanta's rising talents.  They are looking for "champions of interiors, architecture, landscape design, gardening, retail, culinary arts, fine arts, real estate, photo styling and more are changing the way we look at—and live in—Atlanta, all the while setting a stylish benchmark for those who follow in their footsteps."  

Do you know anyone who fits that description?  
If you know of the next big mover and shaker, let your voice be heard. E-mail your nomination—along with a brief description of why you think your candidate should be considered—to today. Your e-mail must include both submitter and nominee name, company, title, phone number and the nominee's age. Award recipients will be notified mid-December and profiled inAH&L's January 2011 issue. The deadline to send in your nominations is September 15, so don't delay!

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Last Day to Vote

Campaigning is exhausting!  Thank you all so much for your support in the Beacham Series Ad Contest.  Voting ends today at midnight, so you have a few hours to cast your ballot.  You can vote twice, once in each option below.
Here's how:
1. Email and tell her your vote's for me.
2. "Like" Beacham Realtors on Facebook and tell them your vote's is for me
3. Email/tweet/blog and encourage your friends to also vote for me.  

Simple!  Thanks again for voting.

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Best of Craigslist Atlanta & Don't Forget to VOTE

Last week I posted a pair of midcentury chairs found on Craigslist and I am very excited to report my fellow Atlanta blogger from SingleBubblePop is the new owner of these chairs.  Anyone else out there acquire an item featured on A Curated Lifestyle?  Here is another chance this week with my new finds.

Chair - $40 (Conyers) In a sea of overstuffed chenille, this is a raft.

This is great.

My great love of carts strikes again.

I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received in the ad contest.  
There is still time and everyone gets 2 votes.

1. Email telling her you are voting for me.
2. "Like" Beacham Realtors on Facebook and then comment on wall your vote for me.

More info about the contest at: This Photographer's Life  

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Wednesday Feature: Ferrick Mason Fabrics

Everyone needs a little fresher-upper now and then.  The tried and true just becomes tired.  That is where Ferrick Mason fabric saves the day.  Its the umbrella in your drink, the brooch on your sweater, the blowout for a night out.  A favorite of Lucas Studio, the fabrics are transcendent, the graphic prints can work in any design.  The founders are Alex Mason and Brian Ferrick, Brian being former GM of Jasper Fabric (Michael Smith's line).  Brian also worked with another favorite designer of mine, Kathryn Ireland.  But alas, talent cannot be contained and Ferrick Mason was born!
Brier Beige

Calliandra Orange

Criss Cross Amethyste

Mr. Rowe Robin's Egg

I asked Brian to tell me his favorite stuff and here's what he said:

Candle: Pomegranate candle from Santa Maria Novella
Sheets: clean - ironed if I really want a treat
Fashion Designer: Luciano Barbera and Dries Van Noten if budget were not and issue - but basically a Brooks Brothers/J Crew kind of guy...and Levis
Special occasion restaurant: Lucques in LA or Cinc Sentits in Barcelona- an amazing restaurant that mixes Catalan and Canadian flavors - sounds odd but it works!
Casual restaurant: my friends hate this but I always end up at El Coyote in LA - the food is awful but I always have fun -a Mexican Cheers if you will, always the same crowd.
Flower: any cut flowers of one kind really - but especially love Lilacs, always remind me of late spring growing up on the East Coast ...from Julep Studio of course(another MS alum - and future Wednesday Feature!)
iphone or blackberry: iphone - although it's a love hate relationship  - think Liz Taylor and Richard Burton
Art: Well - Alex K Mason, my business partner, for one - and have always wanted a Cy Twombley....but LA has a great local art scene with plenty of undiscovered talent
Necessary extravagance: shutting my phone off and spending the day at the beach - alone
Shoes: beat up gucci loafers or flip flops
Favorite furniture/design/home shop: Love Harbinger in LA of course - always something great and new to look at and Joe and Parrish (of Lucas Studio) usually have a glass of wine available, William Christopher is a wonderful new home store in Dallas that two of my friends just opened - Chris and Ty have a great eye and always find unique things.
Watch: Timex with a rubber strap so I don't have to take it off
Dessert: always
Vacation Destination: Like to get to Provincetown at least once a year of my all time favorite places since I was a kid - other than that I love going to Barcelona but have my eye on Croatia for my next big trip.
Favorite Charity: Children at Play - an organization started by my printer to offer financial assistance for rehabilitation/equipment for children with disabilities.
Favorite city to shop: I really don't like to shop too much - but I do love walking around London or New York.
Biggest inspiration: so many! but I have to say I love going to the farmers market in Hollywood and looking at the colors of all the fruits and vegetables  - they way they are arranged - and the smells! too bad I don't cook!
Favorite book: my good friend Leigh Montgomery might kill me if I didn't say Thoreau's Cape Cod....written while he was living in the famous dune shack in Truro..but I do love David Sedaris!

What are you working on currently? Alex and I are currently working on a few new designs for Ferrick Mason - a large scale dogwood design and Parrish, a beautiful creeping vine with an ombre stripe in the background.

Lucas Studio designs featuring Ferrick Mason

A Reminder: Please visit This Photographer's Life and vote for me to win the Ad Contest, we all need a little help from our friends.  

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Would you give me $1250?

I am a finalist for the Beacham Series Ad Contest.  Please vote for my entry, I could receive an ad in the Beacham Series worth $1250 (thats you giving me the $$$).  This is priceless advertising and exposure.  Click here to vote at This Photographer's Life.  Voting ends on Friday.  Don't forget you can also help by forwarding to your friends! Thanks!

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A Curated Pick: Izola

Here's to thinking about being a little dirty while you are getting clean.

This sale ends on 08/26 at 11am EDT

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Powder Room Love

I worked feverishly on the Christmas Showhouse this past week, I have the honor of designing and decorating three bathrooms (well, 2.5 in real estate-speak).  I am excited for each bath, each with a distinct personality, but it is the .5 bath that is the most fun.  Powder Rooms have limited function, are small, and a person is only spending a few minutes in there.  This means that the design can be wilder than the rest of the house.  Extreme wallpaper or a paint color creates the over-used description of a "jewel box".  I even saw some beautiful onyx stone that would be lovely for the countertop.   So what am I going to do for the Showhouse Powder Room?  You will have to come visit me at the Showhouse to find out.

Apartment Therapy - I love the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper

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Best of Craigslist Atlanta


Wednesday Feature: Oliver Furth

The past few Wednesdays, if you have noticed, I have been featuring Michael Smith alums.  Thus far Maine Design and Style Curator, Michal Spitzer have been featured.  Next week Ferrick Mason Fabrics, from the former General Manager of Jasper Fabrics.  I am highlighting this very talented, ambitious group as people to keep on your radar.

But this post today is about the ridiculously stylish and wise beyond his years, Oliver Furth.  Oliver at the tender age of 23 started his own firm, becoming wildly successful and a fixture in the Los Angeles design community.  In June he was named one of the 5 Designers to Watch by Elle Decor.  He has a gravitational pull and a laugh that instantly makes you feel comfortable.  Below are some of Oliver's favorite things:
Favorite candle? Diptique, Black Baies
Sheets? white !
Fashion Designer? I'm into fashion 'conceptually', more than as a consumer. I often look to Philip Lim, Valentino, Miuccia Prada, vintage Lanvin, etc. inspiration
For myself, I'm a couple of pieces away from a total uniform. Most of the time, I wear jeans and a blue blazer, with either a white shirt, pink shirt, or blue shirt.
Special occasion restaurant? L'Aimie Louis, Paris
Casual restaurant? Pizzeria Mozza
Flower? crimson peony
iphone or blackberry? Blackberry ...but I'm kind of a luddite. just barely computer literate
Art? I'm a big fan of contemporary art, especially bringing art "to the people". I'm involved with LACMA, and I'm a big supporter of a organization called LA X ART;
Shoes? I'm a loafer guy. Tods usually
Furniture/design/home shop? JF Chen
Watch?  I treated myself last birthday, to a two-tone rolex daytona. So, I've been wearing that a lot lately.
Dessert? Birthday Cake from Hansen's
Vacation Destination? these days... anyplace without cell reception
Favorite Charity? Decorative Arts and Design Council @ LACMA
Piece of Jewelry?  I wear a cartier tri-color rolling ring.
City to shop? Los Angeles of course!
Dinner Party dish? Chinese delivery. Particularly crispy spicy beef from Twin Dragon
Biggest inspiration? I'm constantly looking, and seeing, and I'm constantly inspired. Traveling helps certainly. Also fashion, old films, vintage car colors, contemporary architecture. Sometimes natures proves the best inspiration. The colors found in a sunset, a flower, a butterfly are often far more daring and unusual than I could come up with on my own.
Book? The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
Necessary extravagance? ...uhhh, all of the above :-)
What are you working on currently?  I'm busy these days, and very thankful for it!  Working on some super fun decorating projects... a practical take on 1970s glam, for a young family in Beverly Hills; period restoration of a 1920s Art Deco / Spanish residence in Holmby Hills; a colorful contemporary pied e’terre at the beach, for a bi-coastal art collector.

In addition to my design jobs, I consulting for LACMA, in the decorative arts department, and I’m a partner in the online Design community, Balustrade & Bitters.

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Before and After: Lounge Chair

Remember this chair - that started my Best of Craigslist posts?  Maybe it doesn't look familiar to you because it used to look like this:
Much better, right?  A little paint and reupholstery and this $25 chair looks fresh and modern.  Adios orange polyester.  Do you have before and afters that you want to share?  Send them along and I'll put them on the blog.  Remember these before and after projects?  

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I am a AHL Christmas House Designer

So my big news is out!  I was selected as a designer for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House.  Read more about it at AHL Blog.  It is a huge honor and I am very excited.

I also wanted to say thank you to the following businesses that have been very generous and kind to me for my photoshoot, I can't recommend them enough.
The Mercantile
Verde Home
Keivan Woven Arts
Robuck & Company
Tina Steele Lindsey

The photos from the shoot should be live on my website on Monday.

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Photographer Needs Models!

I spent the afternoon with my photographer friend yesterday as he shot more interiors for my portfolio (which you will see very soon!)  Reed Decker does not normally shoot interiors, but specializes in up-close-and-personal nitty-gritty portraits.

He is currently working on a collection of hip-hop/rapper/street looks and needs models!  So if you know of anyone that fits this description send him an email at  You will get a great set of photos from it!  Reed is a photographer for hire and a super nice guy.

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The Insider Behind Style Curator

You know that person that always seems to know what is going to be "in" before anyone else knows about it?  That is Michal Spitzer, the girl behind Style Curator.  She was blogging and tweeting before I even had a smartphone.  Always the one to come to if you needed to know what products work and where to go for that hard to find gift.  Lucky for us, she writes about her favorite things on Style Curator when her uber-demanding job (as designer at Michael Smith Inc) gives her a little free time (see favorite discovery below).  I am not the only person to think so either, C Magazine recently featured Michal in The C List.  Recently I asked Michal about a few of her favorite things.  

Candle: Diptyque Baies
Sheets: 100% Linen Sheets from Restoration Hardware or Garnet Hill
Fashion Designer: Philip Lim, J Crew
Special Occasion Restaurant: Urusawa in Beverly Hills
Causal Restaurant: Brentwood Lounge
Flower: Peony
iPhone or Blackberry: Blackberry
Art: Abstract Expressionism, Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell
Discovery: I love alone time.  
Necessary extravagance: Microdermabrasion and Brazilian Blowouts
Shoes: Proenza Schoulers
Home Store: Mecox Gardens, ABC Home, HD Buttercup
Watch: Cartier
Dessert: Haagen Daaz Strawberry Ice Cream
Vacation Destination: Anywhere I haven't been yet
Piece of Jewelry: Tahitian Pearls from Pachamama in Sayulita, Mexico
City to Shop: NYC
Biggest Inspiration: Reading (books, mags, blogs, websites)
Book: Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis
Cocktail: Kettle SodaFavorite Atlanta Spot: Star Provisions, 4th and Swift