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Cocktail Party on a Budget

Having people over can be expensive, so I devised this Happy Hour Party to entertain without making a dent in your wallet.  I tried it out on a few friends last week, food was under $20 and probably could have served 10.

First, invite people over via my favorite iPhone app, Post by Gadabout.

Garden Herb Rolled Goat Cheese
White Bean Dip
Pigs in a Blanket (request via the man)
Warm Carmalized Onion Dip
Fried Garbanzo Beans
Assorted Crackers

Everyone brings a bottle of wine to share

Here are ideas for decorations that are all under $20.  I need to be better about taking photos - so you could see my spread.
Ikea Vase - Used as hurricane and at $2 you can put these all over

Ikea Napkins

Mexican Garland - Pearl River

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June Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

Just 2 days remaining to sign up for the Capella Kincheloe Interior Design Newsletter and be entered to win the June Giveaway.  All you have to do is sign up and you could win a gift certificate to CSN Stores!  

Steps to win (click links)-
  1. Sign up for Newsletter - Entered in Giveaway once
  2. Blog, Tweet, or put it up on FB and comment on the June Giveaway post (not this post) so I know that you completed this step. Entered twice.  
  3. And for today and tomorrow, I am adding a third way to win.  Become a follower of this blog.  Entered thrice.
To be entered you will have to sign up for the newsletter first to be eligible for additional entries.  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on July 1st, 2010.  

July newsletter will have tips and discounts that are only available to subscribers.  Subscribers will also get a sneak peak at a recently completed project.  Why would you miss this?



Minding the Shop: Robuck & Co

I pays to be friends with antiques dealers.  Although it may be even better to BE a dealer.  Because then you would go on "buying trips" to foreign countries to stock your store.  Today I am looking after Robuck & Co and it is inspiring to be surrounded by so many beautiful antiques.  The photos below are my favorite pieces from Robuck & Co Inventory.  But don't take my word for it check it out for yourself, every piece is beautiful, unique and perfectly curated. 
So much style is this petite table.

I am looking at this chandelier now and let me tell you, the image does not do it justice, it has a beautiful rubbed finish in the most perfect shade of blue. 

This mirror is huge and massive mirrors are my new obsession. 

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Shag carpet anyone?

First, thank you to everyone who sent a note or a comment to me.  I had even less internet access than anticipated and limited phone reception to boot.  But what I did bring back are photos of living history.
Green Shag Carpet, photo below is more representative of color.  This carpet has been in for about 50 years, but it is still in good condition.

Royal Blue Shag in Master Bedroom

Durable flatweave or maybe the shag has just worn off! in the Entry

Pearl wallpaper with felt dots in the bathroom.  Yes, I did pet the wall as a child.

Velvet Sofa Fabric, despite being many decades old this sofa is in great condition, really says something about what quality used to be.  

Vintage upholstery fabric, do you think this material will ever come back into style?

As a reminder, we are in the final week of my June Giveaway.  Sign up for my newsletter to entered for a chance to win a gift certificate from CSN Stores.  Winner announced on July 01!



I am sorry if I have left you

I am getting on a plane last minute to travel to a far far away place (at least that is what it is costing me).  I may post, however this far far away place has limited internet access (what!?!) and a lot of distractions (thank god) so please forgive me if you don't hear from me for a few days...

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A Curated Pick: Henry Dunay

It had to be orange.
 By Henry Dunay


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Administrative Blogging

In the absence of anything compelling to say today, and in addition to my growing to-do list, this will be short. Please remember to sign up for my July newsletter.  If we are both lucky, it'll have a first-look at my lastest project.  Plus, just by signing up you will be entered to win a gift certificate from CSN stores.  If you tweet, blog, or put it on facebook and then write a comment on the GIVEAWAY POST you will be entered again.  So easy.  Plus my newsletter is fun, short, and full of newsletter-only design information.  OH!  And there will be a special July discount for readers for a very popular service!  Don't miss out.

As a follow-up, I did a post "Time to Prune Your Roses" in the dreary days of winter about the sorry looking rose bushes in my backyard.  It was exciting to me to have no idea what they were going to look like, size, color, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised that they are bunches of hot pink flowers.

Today I am adding more inventory to my Etsy store, A Curated Shop.  One of my handmade pillows was featured on style court here and then similar textiles were seen in Courtney's posts Global Dispatches and Fruit Punch.

Don't miss Thursday's post, the Best of Craigslist Atlanta.  I let something slip through my fingers last week and am still thinking about it.  

And Saturday, I have a new post series coming that I pick my favorite posts of the week.  There is so much great information out there, I want to condense into an easy weekend read.
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In Loving Memory

Western Art and Design has never been my style of choice.  Call it rebelling against my roots, but the over the top guns, taxidermy, and often brutal imagery have not found a way into my designs yet.  But my grandfather passed away on Friday.  He was an amazing person, born in Colorado in 1919, his Danish mother barely spoke English but managed to have 7 children, my grandfather the second oldest and last to go.  His life is a collection of stories that are fit for a Western movie.  He stopped a buggy from flying off the edge of a cliff, he brought home a skinned and still moving rattler that was in his horse's path, he let me steer the truck on country roads when I was too young to see over the wheel without sitting in his lap, he shot off two of his fingers while cleaning a shotgun (now that is a lesson!).  With my grandfather in mind, I have revisited my roots and the life my grandfather loved and found some pieces that may make their way into my design.

Faux Taxidermy - Bud would understand that I can't do the real thing.

Grey Ghost
Medium: photography
Surface: paper
Dimensions: 14" w x 11" h x " d

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Fireplace Surround Part Deux

In a "I can't take flowers and birds for another minute" frenzy and subsequent craft project, I did manage to cover up my horrifying Fireplace Surround that I had previously did a post on.  Its so much better now.  I just can't start a fire without worrying that it'll go up in flames.  The things I do for design.
Makes you want to cry doesn't it?

The after shot.  


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A Curated Pick

Love. This. Color.
This sale ends on 06/13 at 11am EDT

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Best of Craigslist Atlanta

One of the hazards of doing this post every week is that I find great stuff that I want to buy and inner battle if I should snatch it up myself or if I should post it for all of you.  Here are the pieces that I am letting go of. You're welcome.

For a gussied up fireplace.

Not crazy about the fabric, but the shape and wood detail for $50 can't be beat!



Honest Truth

Bravo/Peter Tangen
As Michael Smith once said to me, "Why do you need school? Everything you need to know is on Top Design."  I am pretty sure he was kidding.  

On Twitter last week I was directed to a lovely rant about DIY design on the blog of Anne Lubner Designs and it also reminded me of a favorite post on Vicente Wolf's Blog.  To top it all off, on Apartment Therapy Friday there was a post about "Call A Designer.Com".  Whew!  This is How to Get A Designer Going 101!  Designers are angry at those that didn't go to school (umm that's you Michael Smith, Vicente Wolf, Robert Stilin) and get licensed.  Designers are angry at the clients for thinking they have the talent and know-how to do it themselves (they watch HGTV for goodness sake!).  They are angry at other Designers for giving too many secrets away (free advice on blogs! Advice by the minute!)

Its a hard time to be in the interior design field, considered a luxury service.  It is also a time when the internet makes all designers incredibility accessible to clients as well as giving clients unlimited advice, how-to information, and sources.  My stance is this, to be a designer you must have talent.  Talent for design, talent to charm clients, talent to manage a project, talent to run a business, and the talent to know your weaknesses and hire people to make up for them.

And you potential clients out there, yes there are some things that you can do yourself, but there are big and little things you don't even know to think about.  Designing is more than just picking out furniture and paint colors.  Does the backplate cover the jbox?  Is the boxspring level with the siderail?  Are you going to railroad the fabric?  Will that awful roll-arm sofa you just bought fit through your front door?  And beware that former-lawyer turned Designer you hired from your Mommy and Me Class may have just as much experience as you.  And please don't let your contractor choose your plumbing or the location of the light switches because he got a good deal from some guy.

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design is available for hire.  Contact for rates.
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Not just something to cover your bare walls

I used to look at art and think, I could do that.  I know now that I can't do that.  But there are very talented people who can and do.  Art does not have to be expensive and believe me, it changes a room.  Somewhere in one of my thousands of trips into cyberspace I came across a site called UGallery.  These are the pieces I would buy if I had vast expanses of wall.  And they are all under $300 and quite large.

Blue White

Price: $175

Medium: printmaking

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 24" w x 18" h

Come Down Softly

Price: $150

Medium: printmaking

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 30" w x 22" h

August 11, 2008.

Price: $300

Medium: photography

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 36" w x 24" h x " d

Mark Elverson

Firework 2

Price: $110

Medium: photography

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 20" w x 16" h

Ina Christensen

Going Home

Price: $200

Medium: photography

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 20" w x 20" h

Maxwell Koepke

Lonely Cloud

Price: $175

Medium: photography

Surface: paper

Dimensions: 18" w x 24" h

While browsing UGallery for this post, I came across this photo and because I have a thing for beaches, clicked more info.  Lo and behold the artist was Mr. Max Koepke who went to high school with me.  Small world.  

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