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A Curated Pick: Staub

This is an excellent Pick for cooks or just those that want to look like they cook.  Serious kitchenware, you don't mess around with Staub.  

Need an invite to join these sale events?  Email me!
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Two DIY Outdoor Tables

Sunset, while a magazine about "Living in the West" still has great ideas that we can apply here in the South.  Since it is a three-day weekend and most of us will be spending time outside, I wanted to share these brilliant ideas for outdoor tables.  Also, I have a giveaway for the month of June coming- be on the lookout.

"Zinc" Table by Stylist Jennifer Barguiarena (
Sheet metal top from a supply company – $33
Pipe table legs from a hardware store – plumbing pipes plus a part called a bell reducer make convincing table legs $76
Old door (table top) – $0
Nail sheet metal onto door and then use sale and vinegar to give it an aged patina.  Attach the legs and voila!

Garden Table

Window Frame
2 x 2 lumber
Door Hinges
Cut the table legs to desired height, secure to window frame with door hinges.  Sunset recommends using a window with safety glass, or replacing with plastic.  The whole thing only cost them $27!

Do not forget to sign up for my newsletter, design advice, how-tos, and more delivered right to your inbox monthly.  The June Newsletter is on it's way, don't miss it!



A Curated Pick: Jeannette Farrier Throws

Made from vintage saris these throws are great for the end of the bed or folded over a chair.

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Best of Craigslist

I have been waiting for this post all week.  For me, there are few things better than trolling on CL for a find- and now for another good reason!  This post.
A fuzzy photo, but this would be great as a lamp or as is.

A great price for a rug this size. 

This price is too good for a chair like this to last long.

The flame stitch fabric looks good in this bad photo.

Loving the wood/metal look lately.  

Since my last "Best of Craigslist" I posted suggestions for CL buyers, today a few suggestions for CL posters.
1. Take good photos, if we can't see the legs of a table or the photo is too far away, you probably won't get good responses.
2.  Only show what you are selling, remove the chairs from the table if you are not selling as a set.
3. Use spell check- when people search (and use the correct spelling) your dinning table or enemeled pots will not come up.
4. Use good descriptions, don't say lamp if it is actually a sconce, call
5. Be upfront about the condition.  Call out any scratched, rips, holes, etc.
6. Include dimensions!



A Curated Pick: David Goldman

I thought this was a fitting choice for my post today, Photographic Windows.

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Modern Atlanta Launch Party


Modern Atlanta is back for 2010 and it all starts next Tuesday with the Launch Party at White Provisions.

This year Verde Home is excited to partner with SCAD and MA10 for our first ever Student Rug Design Competition.  Stop by and vote for your favorite design and check out our new Verde Sole collection of handwoven Tibetan Rugs. 
When:  June 1st 8-10:30 (Kick off Party).  Home Tour and Other Events from June 1 -6th 
Where:  White Provisions
Cost:  $35/person for the entire tour and opening party ($25 for students) .  $10 for the party only. 
Verde Sole

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Photographic Windows

Photography is one of my favorite mediums, photographs are windows to a view that I don't have.  I have felt particularly drawn to large photographs of bodies of water as of late.  Now that I am living in landlocked Atlanta, I suppose that desire is for the beach I left behind.  You hear of people growing up near a beach and never being able to live away from one, I had mountains and lakes, but not beaches.  After 10 years in Los Angeles, I probably visited the beach a shockingly few number of times.  But now that its been taken away, I feel that a part of me is missing.  The part where the ocean meets the shore.
Malibu, CA

Santa Monica, CA

St. John, USVI

Clearwater, FL

Rinko Kawauchi photograph hung low in David Lawrence designed room featured in Domino March 2006. 

Marine Hugonnier photograph in House Beautiful August 2009

Thursday by Marine Hugonnier

Towards Tomorrow by Marine Hugonnier

Zen 0494 by Lawrence Beck

Zen 0032 by Lawrence Beck

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The Untimely Death of Amy Perlin

I did not know Amy well personally, I knew her style and her exceptional eye for antiques.  I have bought many of her pieces for clients.  Stories of an amazing auction deal she missed or a rant on a co-worker of mine that she felt so guilty for she sent cookies as an apology is the most up close and personal I ever got.  I hear she was an incredible person, lively and brash.  Last week the design community and beyond lost a great talent.  In an interview for 1stDibs, Amy was quoted as saying, "I always bought just what I liked, whether it was off the street or in a chateau."

"Learning that if she couldn't understand the numbers a dealer quoted her (in Bordeaux), the price was too high, and if she fell in love with a piece to move quickly and not haggle.  'Life is too short,' she says with a knowing but gentle smile."  1stdibs Introspective - Shop Talk - Amy Perlin Antiques

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A Curated Pick: Pour La Victoire

Remember what I said in this post about great rug, simple furniture?  Today's selection is great shoe, simple outfit.  
$139 from RueLaLa

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I'll Blow Your House Down

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and came across Vicente Wolf's blog.  Now, I admit that am a new blogger/blog reader and tweeter (twitter-user? twitter-er?), but my last job didn't let me see much sunshine, so I have just recently been exploring the blogosphere.  So for any of you that feel I am a little late to the party, forgive me. Anyway, back to Mr. Wolf, while I appreciate the beauty in his design, I like a little more color in my life than his rooms provide.  But Mr. Wolf has a very colorful personality and it shows on his blog and in his tweets.  It's great, it's more frank than you could ever hope from a big-name designer.  He answers readers' questions.  He asks questions of his readers.  Its delicious.  I don't agree with many of his opinions, but it is nice to read a blog that is very honest and personal.



A Curated Pick:Mansour

I don't know why today's Pick took me so long, It was a no brainer, I unfairly didn't even look at anything else.  If you were to follow me on Twitter @CapellaKID you would have seen A Curated Tip about a week ago,  Put a great rug down and the do really simple furniture.  Here is that great rug. 

P. Agra 1 from OKL

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Best of Craigslist

Apartment Therapy has a regular post called Scavenger Roundup.  Unfortunately, they do not include Atlanta or anywhere in the south, despite the strong design community.  Inspired by that and my own awesome CL find yesterday I am bringing you the best of what I find available.  The descriptions are the posters' own.
My score

Tips for Shopping on Craigslist
1. Use the search tool, check "has image", put in your max price and a minimum price too, as sometimes posters put "$1" to increase the visibility of their (expensive) item.  
2. If you are looking for something specific it may not show up in a specific search.  Not everyone knows what they have or how to describe it well.  A Danish Mid-Century Lounge Chair may be labeled "Chair".  
3. Try to imagine the specific item out of the context of the other items photographed around it.  Those toss pillows on the sofa may be offensive, but you are considering the sofa.  
4.  Check frequently, this eliminates the hours-long searches.
5. Don't disregard the simple or cheap, again people may not know what they have.  
6. Keep in mind that at these prices, items can be painted, repaired, reupholstered, rewired, stripped, etc.  But only buy if you are committed to doing this.  I see postings all the time that people bought items with intention to fix them up, but several dusty years later they are reselling.   
7. Ask before you go to pick up an item if there is room to negotiate on price.  Don't waste your time or the poster's time.  
8. Confirm dimensions with poster and your space before you go.  
9. Unless the item is very big, bring a vehicle large enough to pick up when you go to see the piece, i.e. don't bring your coupe to pick up a wing chair. 
10. Bring cash

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A Curated Pick: Moe's

Love oversize art and these two prints will add a view to any room.  Plus, for the pair $115!

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Parisian Cafe

I know most of us wish we could regularly sit in a bistro in Paris, eating pastries and drinking café au lait, smoking cigarettes (without the potential for added pounds and cancer).  This may be why these chairs are so appealing.  Drucker Paris has been weaving chairs for 125 years in Rattan from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  The company has a large selection of colors and an even larger selection of weaves.  This means millions of possibilities for custom chairs.   

Image from Drucker Brochure, how do you choose?

Sampling of Drucker Weaves

This is my absolute object of affection.  The curved chair body welcomes you.  The spider legs are delicate and allow the chair to float.  It has an essence of Africa.  Would look fabulous next to my farmhouse table.  

Lucky for all of us, we can set these chairs around a table with our doughnuts and coffee and imagine we are in Paris.  Drucker is available at Walkers Wicker at ADAC.  

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