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Announcing IDESIGN!

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design is excited to announce a new service, IDESIGN. 

Sample Dining Room Part of IDESIGN Package

What is IDESIGN?  IDESIGN is a low-cost option for those who want to retain the interior design services of Capella Kincheloe Interior Design.  Done entirely online, IDESIGN is ideal for those that have a limited budget, want to decorate in phases, or are do-it-yourself types.  I create the room that you want despite distance, budget, or time constraints.  IDESIGN works for large or small residential spaces.

How does IDESIGN work? First, to better understand your design aesthetic and taste, you fill out a questionnaire about your home and lifestyle.  Also include 5-10 inspiration images pulled from magazines, books, stores, etc.  You send low-resolution photos of each wall and measurements of the room.  I provide detailed instructions on how to do this.  This is the Client Package. 

From these materials, I create a personalized design experience.  In about 2 weeks, you will receive the IDESIGN Package, with detailed information on your personalized room design.  This typically includes suggestions on paint colors, wallpaper, windowcoverings, flooring, furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories, mirrors, item reuse, and fabrics.  You will receive a detailed floor plan with furniture placement.  You will receive a list of my sources, online and if applicable, local, to purchase the suggested design elements.  At this point, the execution of the design is left to you.  You can follow my plan exactly or use it loosely in your own time frame.   

IDESIGN Rates? Cost is $500 per room for IDESIGN Package.  

Have more questions?  Email me at 

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Unusual Chair & Fabric Combinations

House Beautiful July 09 
Interior Design by Jonathan Berger
Photograph by Francesco Lagnese

I love when a very traditional or fancy chair is upholstered in a very untraditional fabric.  This is a great way to get your french bergere in your bohemian living room or a Louis chair in your mid-century bedroom.  If you have a shape of chair that is interesting to you, don't cast it aside because it does not go with the rest of your room.  Design these days is all about mixing time periods and styles.  Most people have a fabric that they like, but are too hesitant to use in a large quantity and a chair is a perfect medium for that, more bold than a pillow.  This can also be inexpensive if you find a chair at a garage sale or on Craigslist and cover it in the tablecloth you brought back from India (or Iowa).

Slipper Chair from Travis & Co in Rubelli Cap d'Antibes

Anthropologie Antwerp featured in House Beautiful Sept 08



Home Repairs

Over at Apartment Therapy, they are in the midst of the Spring Cure.  The Spring Cure is 8 weeks of intensive house therapy.  One of the first things to do is to go through your home and take notes of everything, big and small, that needs repaired.  Whether this is replacing a light bulb, putting furniture pads on your dining chairs, painting touch-ups, replacing floor tiles, checking your smoke detectors, this part of the Cure is what keeps your house in good working order.  So while 8 weeks is a big commitment, I would suggest going through your home (or even one room for you commitment-phobes) and writing down all the repairs needed, the solutions, and get to work doing them yourself, asking your landlord, or finding a neighbor or a handyman to help you out.  

Since I just moved, this is my (partial) list:
Remove weird screen-thing in Dining Room 
Paint Dining Room (see my post on color here)
Paint Living Room - the previous tenants dripped candlewax down one wall and then painted over
Remove shelf bracket from Living Room
Remove screws from wall and patch
Check smoke detectors
Ask landscaper to spray nasty thorny vines with weed killer
Repair screen on porch

And to make this post more inspirational, I have included "before" photos from  Apartment Therapy Flickr site.  If your home looks like this, check out The Cure.

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Food and Restaurant Sites

I love food (beer and wine too).  I enjoying trying new cuisines and usually request my dining partner orders something so I can have a taste.  That said, I also have my food reservations, for example while I think it is great that offal has become a movement, I don't want to try it.  I also really don't like anything that lives in the water, I am trying, but there are taste/textures issues that I have had since I was a kid.  I also try to eat vegetarian as much as possible, I think all beings deserve to live and die peacefully.  But I do enjoy the taste of a cheeseburger or barbecue.  Food choices are hard these days.  Here are some of the websites I have been reading to get me up to speed in Atlanta.  These are websites that post reviews and comments of people that love food, because not everyone does.  Some people are quite content with Olive Garden.  To each her own.  Also, thank you to everyone who has recommended places to me already, I have not been disappointed with a single suggestion.

Chowhound - This did not have a separate "Atlanta" board when I moved here.  There is now.  And it is great for California.

Foodie Buddha - This site inspired this post, because I came across it today and wondered what else I should be reading.

Blissful Glutton - Jennifer Zyman is much less food inhibited that I am.

Atlanta Magazine - Dining section.  Luckily, when we were looking for a place to live in December before we moved, the "Best Of" issue was on stands.  I picked one up and consult it when looking for a particular cuisine.  Also check out the "Cheap Eats" article here.

Creative Loafing - Good for finding out all the restaurant happenings.

Where the Locals Eat - Found this site in research for this post, anything missing?

So what else should I be reading?

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Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday I made brunch as an excuse to use our new table.  I am a big proponent of having people over for meals, it provides life and energy to your home.  This was nothing fancy, but makes a big impact and tastes delicious.  It also keeps you from slaving over the stove.  My menu:

French Toast Bread Pudding:
1) Loaf of Challah, sliced and put in a 8 x 13 dish. I like doing this the night before to dry the bread.
2) Mix following:

  • 5 cups of cream/whole milk combination.  I used 2 cup cream and 3 cup whole milk.  Also could sub lowfat milk for lighter version.
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar - make sure this dissolves
  • teaspoon vanilla
  • variations: orange or lemon zest, cinnamon, sliced banana, maple syrup in place of sugar, nuts, dried fruits, fresh apples, whatever you can imagine.
3) Pour wet ingredients over challah, bake until custard has set with aluminum tent, about 1 hour @ 400 degrees
4) Remove foil, bake until golden, about 15 minutes
(Keep an eye on your pudding your times may vary a little.)
5) Sprinkle with powdered sugar or toasted nuts or drizzle with fruit syrup

Maple Bacon
1) 1 lb of bacon
2) Mix 3 tablespoons of maple syrup with teaspoon black pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne, feel free to experiment with other herbs and spices
3) Pour mix over bacon laid out on baking sheet (cover with foil for easy clean-up)
4) Bake for 15-20 minutes (depends on your desired crispness and thickness of bacon) at 400 after you have pulled out French Toast Bread Pudding.  

I also made a fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple to cut through the richness of the meal.  

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Frank in Georgia, Robert Green?

Twice this weekend on separate occasions I was told of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Georgia.  Growing up in the west, I knew of Taliesin West and the houses in California and of course the places in the midwest, but never thought of Georgia as being FLW country.  In my brief research for this post, I could not come up with a reference to Wright building or designing a home in Georgia.  I did come across Atlanta based architect, Robert Green.  Mr. Green was the last architect to study with Wright before his death.  Mr. Green continued in the the Frank Lloyd Wright style until he passed away in 2003.  I wonder if the houses that people are attributing to Wright were in fact designed and built by Green.  Does anyone have any further insights or knowledge if Wright did design houses in Georgia?  Images below are houses designed by Robert Green in Atlanta area.  Very different from typical southern architecture.

More Information:

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So it was a nice day in Atlanta today and the trees are blooming.  The blooming stuff is amazing here, but it is also probably why my allergies are coming on fierce.  The warmer weather has me wanting to get outdoor furniture for the screened porch.  Previous tenants have so nicely put in outdoor speakers and a cable hookup, so its practically a living room.  Unfortunately, I still have a project to complete, see my post about that here.  So until that is done, I am daydreaming about how to use the space.  Here is what I am thinking:

Exposed to Casamidy while at Michael Smith, there is nothing not to love about their designs.  This is the Altavista Lantern, also comes in olive and orange.
Outdoor furniture is either too granny or too modern for my taste.  Here is a great zinc table from Lillian August Designs, yes it is iron, but you can weatherize iron. 

To provide definition and comfort: a rug from Overstock.  (I have bought two rugs on Overstock and have been very pleased.)

Now I really want to hang out in my backyard, it is one of the reasons that I moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles.

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The Captivating Florence Broadhurst

The mitchell library, State Library of New South Wales
Florence Maud Broadhurst (28 July 1899 – 15 October 1977) was an Australian designer and businesswoman whose 1977 murder remains a mystery.  So says Wikipedia, doesn't that just suck you in?  Ms. Broadhurst's murder was the culmination of a lifetime of secrets and questionable ongoings.  I was initially interested in Florence Broadhurst because of her extraordinary wallpaper designers and bought the book Florence Broadhurst - Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives by Helen O'Neill.  But the book, besides the beautiful color images of the designs, not a typical coffee-table-design-book, it reads like a adventure mystery novel.  With what a Dateline Mystery her life was, there is very little information written on her.  Take a look at dozens of her designs at  Signature Prints

Above Images from Signature Prints

Ms. Broadhurst's genius is becoming more recognized as wallpaper is experiencing a resurgence.  Her patterns are coming off the walls and into fashion and home accessories. 

Check out the Florence Broadhurst rug collection here and here.
Check out the handbags here.

While swaddling and entire room in one pattern is typically not in my design sense, I would make an exception for several Broadhurst designs.  These are patterns with intrigue and undiscovered history.   

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Duck Duck Goose Dining Chairs

You can't get much more democratic than different chairs around a table.  Each chair as unique as your guests.  I have shied away from the armchair & sidechair dining set.  The armchairs seem a little snooty.  My opinion, use all the same chairs or use all different chairs.  Some things to keep in mind when trying this look: Use color, style, shape, fabric or something to unify your chairs.  A pair may be helpful in rounding this look together.  You can also make cushions for all your chairs in the same fabric.  Or if you already have a matching set, make cushions or change the upholstery to different fabrics to achieve a similar look.  

Love the table and love the mirror

From one of my favorite designers, Kathryn Ireland

Not a dining room, but still works

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Style Court

Thank you Courtney Barnes, of Style Court, for doing a nice post on me on her blog.  I am new to blogging and reading blogs, but I read Style Court every morning with my coffee to get me started in my day.

Click on the link to see her blog, Style Court.

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Farmhouse Tables

Photo courtesy of Reed Decker

Living in Los Angeles, I had always dreamed of a large farmhouse table with benches.  Benches are casual and inviting.  Benches don't notify you of the missing people as much as empty chairs do.  Two people are as good as ten.  My new dining room was a problem, with odd doors and dimensions, it was very long and narrow - so a farmhouse table was perfect.  However the long and narrow meant that the table would have to be custom, if not it would probably look odd, because the best dimensions for the room are 30 x 30 x 72 which are not typical for dining tables.  So I started doing my research and came across a blog called Knock Off Wood that had easy to follow instructions for building your own furniture.  I refigured the plans for my space and got to work.  The above picture is from my dining room,  I think the table looks pretty amazing, now if I could get to the window treatments, rug, and repainting (that is the unfortunate color when we moved in - any suggestions on new colors?  I am thinking light to show off the dark wood).  Below are some more of my favorite farmhouse tables.
Ina Garten Town & Country Jan 2010

House Beautiful photo by Lisa Romerein

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Homemade Falafel

(Image from One Hot Stove)

Last night I tried my hand at falafel and they turned out very well.  This is an easy recipe that uses mostly ingredients that you probably keep in your kitchen.  I never measure herbs and spices, so the amounts below are approximations, adjust to your liking.
2 cans garbanzo beans - rinsed and drained well
2 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced parsley
2 cloves of garlic (less or more is fine too)
1 teaspoon baking soda
Mix above ingredients and blend in food processor to coarse grind or just mash very well like I did.
Mix in 2 tablespoons of flour ( I used whole wheat).
Form into approximately 12 balls.  You can also make patties if it is easier for you and your pan.
Get 1/2 oil in your pan (cast iron or enameled cast iron holds heat the best for fries) and heat it up until it sizzles when you drop water in.  Be very careful, it is also helpful to have a grease shield for splatters.
Do the balls in batches until brown and crispy all over.

Sauce - 2 tablespoons of tahini, mix with juice of lemon or more for taste and consistency, 2 tablespoons of water, a pinch of salt.  The sauce should be the consistency of, well like Nate said last night, the paste you used to eat in grade school.

Put a couple balls in a pita with sauce and lettuce, shredded carrot, sliced cucumbers, a little red onion and you have a yummy dinner.  If only we had some of those super hot small yellow peppers.

I know there is a lot of variation in this recipe, but you have to develop the food you make to your tastes.  Using more or less or something when cooking because you like garlic or you like food spicy is good, don't be so rigid to the recipe - unless you are baking.



The Gables

Atlanta, don't be fooled by New York or Los Angeles, you have great places to shop in the city.  Check out the lovely ladies at The Gables.  This is the mirror that we were looking at in the photo on the Gables blog, it is much prettier in person.  I want this above my fireplace.

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Photographer Reed Decker

I am always a sucker for a landscape.
Today I am having my new friend, Reed Decker, teach me how to take some good digital photos.  Since I have started blogging, most of my photos have been on my iphone, not a perfect medium.  For up-close photos the gritty photos are a bit charming, but for any real substance I am going to have to get personal with my camera.  Since I am designer new in town and Reed is a new photographer town, both having come from California, it seems like a match.  Reed takes beautiful photos, check out his website at

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Restaurant: Fritti

Last Wednesday, we went to a birthday dinner at Fritti in Inman Park.  Atmosphere was a little cartoonish, but the waitress could not be nicer.  I have noticed eating out in Atlanta, if there are "exotic" ingredients on the menu, the waitstaff feel obligated to describe what that item is, this is no different at Fritti.  At another restaurant that will remain nameless, the special Spaghetti Carbonara was "Fettucini Alfredo with bacon".    At Fritti, they have traditional Neopolitan pizza as well as "Americanized pizza".  The sauce on my Sorrentina pizza was too watery for my taste and made the pizza a little mushy.  They don't have beer on draught, but will pour it in a glass for you.  Overall, a fair experience, but I probably won't be going back soon, there are too many restaurants to try in this city.  Above image is from the Fritti website, I don't take pictures of my food at restaurants.

309 North Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA

Golden Stars: 2 of 5

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Artist: Beth Lilly

Last night I went to the Opening Reception at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery.  I met Beth Lilly, you had 8 pieces of art displayed.  Each piece had three images with a question attached.  Beth began to tell me more about her project, Oracle @ WiFi.  Over three years, on the 7th day of the month, she would accept calls from the public, callers would have a specific question in mind, but could not let Beth know what that question was.  She would take three photos for them and email the results to the caller.  Only then would the question be revealed.  She describes it much better than I do on her website.  When looking at the images below, remember that the artist did not know the question before she took the photos.

What will the Earth look like in 50 years?

What about my writing?

Did our mother put a hex or curse on the house?

Will my boyfriend and I remain together and end up being married?

My husband and I are seperated and pending a divorce.  My question is am I going to be ok and what does my future hold?

If you want to see more of these series and learn more about this project, please visit