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I've moved...


The very last post.. I've moved.

Hi there!  I've moved internet homes.  Visit for the new stuff.

My new address is and that's where you'll find my new blog too.  Well its not really a new blog - it just won't be called A Curated Lifestyle and will be in a different place, but it is still me blogging.    If you'd like to update your feed you can do it here: CKID BLOG FEED.  I know I've been a terrible blogger this past year.  Just a few days ago, we celebrated being in Arizona a year and I've definitely neglected the blog.  There are numerous reasons for this, but I want to let you know that I have so many great posts already lined up in the new space.  I'm really going to start delving into the business of design and working with a designer in the coming months.  I know the interior design business can be confusing and exclusive and I want to completely open it up and for you to get a peek into the inner workings.  Like a magician giving away all her tricks.  (PS - I don't like magic.)  This is what the new blog space looks like:

Sometime soon I am going to attempt to transfer the posts here to the new address.  When I started this new website design, I was apprehensive because I didn't want to leave all my posts behind.  Through all the tech stuff since the redesign started, I've kinda gotten over that.

I hope you'll come to my house-warming party at the new site.


may 8 : is hiring a designer worth it?

Some of you know of the professional organization, Design Collective ATL, that I co-founded with my fellow designer Hillary Linthicum.  Next Wednesday, Design Collective & ADAC are hosting a panel discussion, "Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?" This event is open to everyone.  You cannot afford to miss all the great information that will come out of this talk.  We've lined up 4 real-life interior design clients to have a frank discussion about the value of interior design.  DO NOT MISS THIS.  Plus there will be free food & drink.  RSVP is required to


{before & after} executive reception

As promised this is the reception area of the executive office I recently completed.  If you haven't seen the executive office before & after, I suggest you take a look at that now.  

BEFORE:  This is the front entry of the office.  Imagine clients walking in- straight into the reception desk and all this file storage.  

AFTER:  This is the front entry now.  Clients walk-in and are welcomed with this beautiful custom reception desk and a cozy guest chairs.  This layout makes more sense for the flow of the office, as the waiting clients are separated from the main office by the reception desk.

BEFORE:  The reception chairs used to sit where the reception desk is now.  This caused the clients to walk by the reception desk and potentially sensitive information, to see directly in the main office, and then face the front door.

AFTER:  Now this is what clients see when they walk in.  This desk was custom designed by me and the master carpenter created this masterpiece.  It has a wonderful waterfall top with two types of hardwood pressed together.

AFTER: Here is a more detailed view of the waterfall top.  While you can't see in these images, the top actually floats about an 1" around the rest of the desk for a lighter feel.  

BEFORE:  You can see that this beverage center does not work and is not a good use of space.  The office needed more storage.  

AFTER: Now the custom cabinets create more storage and hide the chaos.  (Knobs had not yet been installed when this photo was taken.)

 Looking to have a space you'll love to come home to?  Contact Capella Kincheloe Interior Design about Design Services


{before & after} executive office

This is an interior design project I recently wrapped up for a financial planner's office here in Phoenix.  After years of built-up clutter, she desired more organization and a more professional-looking office.  She didn't want the office to feel too corporate and still be welcoming to her clients.  Since she wanted to keep much of her existing furniture, we focused on items that would make the most impact (the grasscloth wallpaper) and eliminating items that were erroneous in the office.  We tried very hard to change the 30-year-old drop ceiling tiles, but the landlord was not on-board.  


AFTER:  The wallpaper softens the industrial-ness of the office and give texture more than paint.  The conference table is the same, but we brought in linen covered chairs to lighten and bring in feminine lines.  The chaos of the cards and photos is now contained in two framed bulletin boards.  


AFTER: I had the certificates reframed to give them more importance and be a cohesive grouping.  The two lamps add height to this side of the room and the fluorescent overhead lights can be turned off and still have light.

AFTER:  This is the first thing that clients now see walking into this office.  The doors were painted to show them off and add color.  The new rug defines the client area and plays on the door color while covering the industrial carpet.  The curtains soften the room and are a nice counter-point to the dark heavy office furniture.

Next week, I will share the reception area of this office, the transformation is even more astonishing than this office.

Looking to have a space you'll love to come home to?  Contact Capella Kincheloe Interior Design about Design Services


Happiness Is

Did you know that the UN has declared March 20th to be observed as the International Day of Happiness?
"The day recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal, and calls upon countries to approach public policies in ways that improve the well being of all peoples.  By designating a special day for happiness, the UN aims to focus world attention on the idea that economic growth must be inclusive, equitable, and balanced, such that it promotes sustainable development, and alleviates poverty. Additionally the UN acknowledges that in order to attain global happiness, economic development must be accompanied by social and environmental well being." -
So today, instead of spreading hate, anger, aggravation  annoyance, or any other negativity, decide to be positive, loving, understanding, if only to yourself.  In an attempt to be a bit happier today, try to not get annoyed when someone cuts you off while driving or irritated at the loud cell phone call your co-worker is having, because these feelings only create unhappiness and suffering.  Because happiness spreads and to reach the UN's admirable goal stated above, we must find happiness in ourselves.

Your happiness homework tonight is to watch Happy.


new digs?

I have several posts that I want to post.  However, I am in a fork in the road.  I am trying to decide what is best- switching to a blog hosted on my website,, switching to wordpress, changing the domain of a curated lifestyle to a subdomain of or leaving everything as is.  There are pros and cons to each solution, mainly involving complicated SEO and links and other things I don't quite understand.  Because of this crossroads, I am a bit paralyzed.

Any advice or thoughts?


ending of an era

I started making pillows when I started my business.  I had more time and I didn't realize the commitment to the perfect photograph, the editing, and the shipping issues it would require.  I love Etsy and often look for personal handmade gifts when birthdays and holidays roll around.  I have mad respect for those sellers.  But in re-focusing and streamlining my business, I've decided to close my shop on March 31st.  This will free me up to spend more time on the clients I love.  The awesome news for you is that everything in the shop is now limited edition!  There are a few hand-dyed pillows, some designer pillows, and beautiful antiques I've picked up on my travels. I'm discounting many of the pillows to clear my shelves. The Shop has had a good run, including being featured in Better Homes & Gardens and introducing me to The Nickersons.

Check the shop everyday from now until March 31st because there may be flash specials that you will not want to miss.  Go ahead - go there now.  



I didn't mean to not write a post for three weeks.  But finally today I was inspired when looking for a collection to put on top of this bookcase - which I am not even sure I want to stay and I'm a little embarassed to be showing.  Below are all types of collections to inspire you to display your own treasures.

I'm thinking of going global - as in Globes to add color and a fun vintage.

Do you have collections? 

Don't forget to enter my IDESIGN GIVEAWAY.  It ends January 31st. 


{top 5} bathroom mistakes

This is my list of the top 5 bathroom mistakes to avoid.  I've seen these over and over in residences and in commercial spaces around the country.  If you're thinking about a new bathroom keep this list handy.
Hiring an interior designer can also help you avoid these and other costly and annoying mistakes.

images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 CKID

Looking to have a space you'll love to come home to?  Contact Capella Kincheloe Interior Design about Design Services

Don't forget to enter my IDESIGN GIVEAWAY.  


free design services

In the spirit of starting fresh with a new year, for the second year in a row, I am giving away a free IDESIGN from Capella Kincheloe Interior Design.  You can keep it yourself or gift it to someone in need.  Check out yesterday's post and then answer this question:  I want my house to feel ____.

This is the one-sheet of the design for last year's winner.  She needed an awesome space design for her 100 year-old farmhouse dining room & office combo.  

To Win:
Answer this question in comments section: 
I want my home to feel____________________.

All entries will receive 30% off an IDESIGN if purchased prior to January 31st, 2013.  You win just for entering!

Learn more about IDESIGN:

Rules: One entry per person.  All entries must be received by January 31st at midnight MT.  Winner will be notified via email February 1, 2013.  Winner's IDESIGN paperwork must be submitted to CKID by February 28, 2013.  By entering this giveaway you consent to be added to our mailing list.  Current or former CKID clients are unable to win.  



home goals {printable}

Do any of your resolutions include your home?  Are there projects that you'd like to tackle this year?  Maybe some of them have been nagging you for a few years?  Instead of just setting goals like: finish bedroom or redo dining room, ask yourself how do you want your house to feel?  When you keep this in mind you will be more likely to complete or stick to those resolutions knowing you are working towards making your home feel more like a 5-star hotel or more welcoming to guests.  

Below are my 2013 Home Resolutions, broken into rooms and then items to tackle.  This will be put on my fridge (or in my planner, or on my bulletin board) to help remind and keep me on track of what I want to achieve at home this year.

Maybe you want your home to feel more organized and your to-do list includes adding hooks in the entry, filing your recipes in the kitchen, and printing a photo book for 2012.

By using this convenient printable worksheet you'll be one step closer to achieving the home you desire.  Click on the logo below to download this handy guide.

Already a subscriber?  There is a link available in our monthly newsletter.



happy new year


one fine stay

My husband and I prefer to stay in a vacation rental than a hotel.  We like the privacy and exclusion that a rental provides over a hotel.  Truthfully, when I stay in a hotel I keep the "do not disturb" sign on the door the entire time.  When we got married, we rented a huge house in Los Olivos and invited our friends and family to stay, drink wine, and hang out.

Now there are many vacation rental options and more people are dipping their toes in.  My friend regularly lists her Santa Monica apartment (with cat) on  Or you can stay in a Snow Dome outside of Moscow.

We've had good experience with the original and old stand-by, where Nate rented a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains and proposed.  Or choose a beach villa in Maui.

You can also visit and find anything from expansive villas in the south of France to this vintage airstream rental in Big Sur.  

London even has it's own site,, that allows you to "live like a local" in a place like this Clarendon Road apartment.  I also like this site because you can get a peek into all the impeccably decorated homes without the slightest intention of visiting London.

While I may never remove the "do not disturb" sign from my door, I will be taking others up on their offer.

Do you prefer to stay in a hotel with all the amenities or live like a local in a vacation rental?



a curated shop: new items

There are a ton of new items in my shop, both new pillows and treasures from my travels.  Great for holiday gifts, many of the items have free shipping and I will gift wrap anything you desire for free either in plain brown butcher paper or with red & white stripes.  So get shopping!  



original work of art

Photo: Erica George Dines in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I designed this bath two years ago for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas Showhouse.  I was lucky enough at the time to work with the talented Tina Steele Lindsey to create the custom painting you see on the left and below. 

photo by Blayne Beacham

Now you have the chance to have an original Tina Steele Lindsey painting as well - you can get all the info on her blog here:

You can also see more of this bathroom and the others on my website here.  

Have an awesome weekend.  



Living in the Loo

Sometimes inspiration strikes and sometimes it doesn't, so while I have been busy busy busy with the other parts of my life, I've neglected the blog, again.  But inspiration struck today when I read an article about a woman who transformed a public restroom in London into a groovy 600-sq ft apartment.  I thought that I must share her genius, perseverance, and sheer madness, because who puts gold-leaf walls in a public bathroom?  Please click over to read the entire article and see the rest of the well-designed space.

Winter 2012

I'll be back soon when I get all the new awesome items into my shop.  



public service announcement {drop ceiling tiles}

You don't have to live with the crushing unsightliness that standard fiber drop-in ceiling tiles provide. There is another choice.  Have you ever wanted pretty coffered ceilings?  What about tin ceilings?  I know this post isn't pretty but you have to show the ugly to get to good design.

I first learned about this product working on the room below.  Seriously.  The FLOTUS office was plagued with typical commercial-grade ceiling tiles (see the Laura Bush era) and needed a style-update quick.  

First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her upcoming birthday, which is Sunday, January 17, with staff in the East Wing of the White House, January 15, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

The molded ceiling tiles work the same as the fiber tiles but look so much better.  

Check out the full line at Ceilume.  

PS- I wasn't paid for this post, consider it a gift.  You're welcome.

Looking to have a space you'll love to come home to?  Contact me about Design Services


most overlooked {teenage boys}

I was thinking today, that teenage boys are the least represented in the interior design world.   Not often do you see rooms designed for the pimply, awkward, puberty-ridden male crowd.  Its understandable considering at that age most of them would rather die than have you decorate their room.  Here is a little inspiration for those of you that need inspiration for this age group.

Looking to have a space you'll love to come home to?  Contact me about Design Services