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Wednesday Feature: Ferrick Mason Fabrics

Everyone needs a little fresher-upper now and then.  The tried and true just becomes tired.  That is where Ferrick Mason fabric saves the day.  Its the umbrella in your drink, the brooch on your sweater, the blowout for a night out.  A favorite of Lucas Studio, the fabrics are transcendent, the graphic prints can work in any design.  The founders are Alex Mason and Brian Ferrick, Brian being former GM of Jasper Fabric (Michael Smith's line).  Brian also worked with another favorite designer of mine, Kathryn Ireland.  But alas, talent cannot be contained and Ferrick Mason was born!
Brier Beige

Calliandra Orange

Criss Cross Amethyste

Mr. Rowe Robin's Egg

I asked Brian to tell me his favorite stuff and here's what he said:

Candle: Pomegranate candle from Santa Maria Novella
Sheets: clean - ironed if I really want a treat
Fashion Designer: Luciano Barbera and Dries Van Noten if budget were not and issue - but basically a Brooks Brothers/J Crew kind of guy...and Levis
Special occasion restaurant: Lucques in LA or Cinc Sentits in Barcelona- an amazing restaurant that mixes Catalan and Canadian flavors - sounds odd but it works!
Casual restaurant: my friends hate this but I always end up at El Coyote in LA - the food is awful but I always have fun -a Mexican Cheers if you will, always the same crowd.
Flower: any cut flowers of one kind really - but especially love Lilacs, always remind me of late spring growing up on the East Coast ...from Julep Studio of course(another MS alum - and future Wednesday Feature!)
iphone or blackberry: iphone - although it's a love hate relationship  - think Liz Taylor and Richard Burton
Art: Well - Alex K Mason, my business partner, for one - and have always wanted a Cy Twombley....but LA has a great local art scene with plenty of undiscovered talent
Necessary extravagance: shutting my phone off and spending the day at the beach - alone
Shoes: beat up gucci loafers or flip flops
Favorite furniture/design/home shop: Love Harbinger in LA of course - always something great and new to look at and Joe and Parrish (of Lucas Studio) usually have a glass of wine available, William Christopher is a wonderful new home store in Dallas that two of my friends just opened - Chris and Ty have a great eye and always find unique things.
Watch: Timex with a rubber strap so I don't have to take it off
Dessert: always
Vacation Destination: Like to get to Provincetown at least once a year of my all time favorite places since I was a kid - other than that I love going to Barcelona but have my eye on Croatia for my next big trip.
Favorite Charity: Children at Play - an organization started by my printer to offer financial assistance for rehabilitation/equipment for children with disabilities.
Favorite city to shop: I really don't like to shop too much - but I do love walking around London or New York.
Biggest inspiration: so many! but I have to say I love going to the farmers market in Hollywood and looking at the colors of all the fruits and vegetables  - they way they are arranged - and the smells! too bad I don't cook!
Favorite book: my good friend Leigh Montgomery might kill me if I didn't say Thoreau's Cape Cod....written while he was living in the famous dune shack in Truro..but I do love David Sedaris!

What are you working on currently? Alex and I are currently working on a few new designs for Ferrick Mason - a large scale dogwood design and Parrish, a beautiful creeping vine with an ombre stripe in the background.

Lucas Studio designs featuring Ferrick Mason

A Reminder: Please visit This Photographer's Life and vote for me to win the Ad Contest, we all need a little help from our friends.  

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