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Maine Design: Pay Attention

Haven't heard of Maine Design?  Pay attention now and in a couple of years you can tell everyone when they blow up that you have been watching them from the start.  In business for three years, Katie and Jason Maine both worked for Michael Smith (told you that I would be introducing you to more MS alums) before starting Maine Design.  To say that Jason worked for Michael is an understatement - he was Creative Director, there for 11 years, longer than anyone besides Michael himself.  But lucky for us, Maine Design was born and is flourishing.  They have done projects in Bel Air, Newport Beach, Aspen, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles for some very high-profile people.

All photos courtesy of Maine Design

I am going to save the most beautiful Dining Room photo for you to check out on their website  The fact that they are just getting around to launching the site is a testament to how fast Maine Design got off the ground.  Currently, the talented designers are finishing up a house in Malibu with 270 degree views of the ocean and a private path to the "best surf spot in the area."  They have also just picked up the old Lana Turner estate in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles.  Katie says, "We're just really grateful to be working at all in this economy, let alone on projects we are so excited about."

I asked these two newlyweds a few questions about their most favorite things.  

Le Labo Santal 26 CandleCandle:
Jason: Le Labo in Santal. They customize the labels too so we like to put our client's address on them. Makes it more personal.
Katie: Definitely...or the John Galliano scent for Diptique. I crave that smell.

J & K: Always cool to the touch, the thinnest linen ones from C&C Milano.

Fashion Designer:
K: Right now, Yves Saint Laurent. We went to his retrospective in Paris on our honeymoon and I can't stop thinking about it.
J: I can't pick just one but fashion is a huge inspiration for our interiors -- anything from pleats to fabrics or just the styling.

Rescue or Purebreed:
J & K: We have one of each but we definitely think people should rescue if they can. There are so many animals that need homes!
Special Occasion Restaurant:
K & J: Madeo's (Los Angeles)

Casual Restaurant:
J: Our house! In this economy, we're cooking up a storm at home (laughs).

K: Peonies and cherry blossoms!

iPhone or Blackberry:
K & J: Blackberry

J: Los Angeles photographer Charlie Bidwell. His clouds series look like huge abstract paintings.

J & K: Havaiana flip flops
LA Home Store:
J & K:
Nickey Kehoe and Brenda Antin and they're pretty much polar opposites!!
K: A vintage men's Rolex with a rose colored face.
J: A vintage Huer Monaco. My dad did some work for them in the late '60's and I inherited a watch out of it.
Vacation Destination:
K & J: Anywhere with a beach and no cell phone service.  

K & J: The Easton Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research at UCLA. They take such good care of my (Katie's) mom, I don't think I can raise enough money in my lifetime to thank them appropriately enough.

Piece of Jewelry:
K: My engagement ring. Jason reset my grandmother's stone so it makes it even more special to me.
J: Good answer. Mine is my wife.
Favorite city to shop:
J & K: We don't get there often, but Paris. Its magical.

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