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A Curated List: Favorite Posts of the Week

The always inspiring Design*Sponge posted DIY Tiny House.  A cute little retreat that a reader built with her own hands.  I love tiny houses.

Fun moroccan themed post on entertaining with lots of orange, "summer entertaining make it moroccan"

Always witty and irreverent, Decor Demon, posted "Rain Man" a view of his latest project with a hunky weatherman.  

This week, Whitehaven, came across Catalog Living a wonderfully sarcastic look at the life within catalogs.  

About the nicest blogger out there,  Courtney Barnes of StyleCourt can weave together a post like nobody's business.  She also loves textiles more that I do. 

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A Curated Pick: Bernhardt

It has been awhile since I did A Curated Pick Post, but here it is:

$500 for a pair, bargain. 

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Best of Craigslist Atlanta

It seems that my Best Of posts are working, half of the items listed on last weeks post are sold!  Okay, I know I can't take credit for that, but here are my picks for this week.  (My sofa is still available)

A desk with nice detailing that can be used in lots of spaces and not just as a desk (a bar perhaps?).
This has a lot of potential if styled correctly.
For Ikea price you can have this lounge chair instead.  
Reproductions are not usually featured on my Best Of, but this is an excellent piece for an excellent price. And will really add what Barbara is known for, G-L-A-M-O-U-R

On CL pairs are few and far between so snatch these up!  Plus, you get a free trip to Fayetteville.  

I have to admit, I chose this because of the word "wooden", which I can't stand.  Why use wooden when wood would do?

If any readers have bought an item I have featured on any of my Best of Craigslist posts, send me an email and let me know.  
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Lucas Studio

Since my fellow Michael Smith alums, Parrish Chilcoat & Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio are getting good press lately, I thought I would join the party.  Recently they were selected to do a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane.  They are in good company with Kathryn Ireland, Windsor Smith, Nathan Turner, and Bunny Williams recently hosting sales.  Then when I opened July 2010 House Beautiful, there they were again-  featured on Instant Room pg 32.

There are dozens of great designers that have emerged from Michael Smith.  I will feature some others in the coming weeks and months.  Parrish and Joe are doing great design and not long ago expanded Harbinger, their impressive shop and showroom located in Almont Yard.  Lucas Studio also recently hired another Michael Smith trained designer, Jessica Spink.  If you haven't heard of Lucas Studio, pay attention, they are going to be rising on the radar.



I am So Proud

I wanted to share with you a DIY by my amazing client (the one that sewed her own bed skirt in this post). Unfortunately I didn't get any professional photos of the office/sitting room off of the master bedroom, because this room has two of the best DIY projects I have seen.

First, let me show you a before photo of the chairs that she inherited from her grandmother.  Nice shape, but plain, grandmotherly chairs.  

Now, the after photo.  Fresh, fun and interesting.  I had been eyeing that fabric at Lewis & Sheron for some time - I love a horizontal stripe.  The paint is Benjamin Moore Castleton Mist - a tangy pale green/yellow.  What a difference paint and fabric make!

Now, the desk.  A great find by me on Craigslist.  Unfortunately I do not have a before photo, but it was a hazy-leap-of-faith to send my client into the northern suburbs for this awesome find.  Add that to a handy husband who refinished the desk into the glowing piece of furniture it is now.  

This client was not kidding about their penchant for DIY.  Lucky for me they also had extreme talent.  

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Georgia Trust Fall Ramble

Not long ago I started volunteering at the Georgia Trust which is located in the historic Rhodes Hall.  Now located in one of the busiest areas of Atlanta, Rhodes Hall was built originally on 114 acres in 1904.  Currently I am working on a design plan for the new Bridal Dressing Room in Rhodes Hall that is rented out for events and weddings.  (As Terry of Architecture Tourist told me, they also have weddings every 15 minutes on Valentines Day.)

But my biggest news is that in September the Georgia Trust is hosting the Fall Ramble.  I am told that there has not be a Ramble in Atlanta since the seventies and maybe not in it's current incarnation (it seems that they have been held just about everywhere else).  So this is the time to learn about the historic buildings in the Atlanta area with daily events September 10, 11, & 12.  Tours are scheduled in Midtown, Inman Park, Grant Park, and Sweet Auburn among other dining and smoozing (ie cocktails) opportunities.  To learn more visit

You can bet that you will see the Architecture Tourist there, camera in hand.

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Curated List: My Favorite Posts of the Week

Since this is A Curated Lifestyle and I like nothing better to do than snuggle up to my dogs with a cup of green tea (alright its usually coffee, it tastes so much better) on Saturday morning with my computer catching up on my favorite blogs.  Here is my list of my favorite posts of the week, in case you missed them.

I had done a post titled Your Home's First Impression looking for dressers in entries, here is my answer.

For a good kick in the pants to motivate you to follow your own dreams, check out Blayne Beacham's new blog, Blayne's One Thing.  One of my goals?  To have Beacham & Co recommend me for an interior design project in one of their recently sold homes; they have all the best listings.

My friend Claire at High Gloss Blue, did a post titled Trendspotting Ombre and she mentioned me.  Of course I was going to include it in my favorite posts of the week!

I have an obsession with bar carts and this is Whitehaven's post about them this week: Bar Cart or Tea Cart

Jennifer's post on Friday, titled "Orange is the Happiest Color" is similar to my post "Orange in all Shades"  we mention the same book from 1989!  


The Mercantile: Why Didn't I Visit Sooner

Yesterday I stopped into The Mercantile on Dresden Road.  They have beautiful ads and even mentioned me on their blog some time ago and I have had every intention of visiting, so why did it take me six months?  After seconds of walking into the store, I realized that this is one of my favorite stores in Atlanta, it only took seconds.  Not only do they carry some of my favorite lines like George Smith and Bradley-Hughes, owner (and recent Grand Prize Bath Winner in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles July Issue) Barbara Heath has an amazing eye and couldn't be nicer.  All this wrapped into one and I am surprised that they can keep product in the store.

One of my favorite chair shapes from George Smith, available at The Mercantile.

Bradley-Hughes "Lucille" available at The Mercantile.  They have one in stock -it's amazing.

Barbara and I had a lovely chat about Swank Lighting and Vintage Murano lamps, ask her to tell you the story about "the find" when you stop in.  

Works by Elizabeth Stockton available at The Mercantile

Do not think that because you are not in the market for home furnishings that this store does not have anything for you.  The Mercantile has a large selection of products big and small and they participate in registries, so wedding guests delight that you won't have to buy a salad spinner.  

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Best of Craigslist Atlanta

Found a lot of good stuff on Craigslist Atlanta this week, including my own sofa.  These are pieces that you should snatch up this weekend.  Enjoy!

Recover this bad boy and you have a piece that could go anywhere.  

Great piece at great price.

I thought that since I had found my bar cart my obsession would dissipate yet here is another cart. 

This has great detailing.

Great simple, classic sofa.  (This is my sofa, a little advertising doesn't hurt)

I love chairs, if I can someday figure how to decorate a room using only chairs I just may.  

Love the channel detail on back.

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Recipe Wrangler

A few weeks ago, Katie at you are what you eat or reheat did a post on her out of control recipe collection titled I have a problem.  I didn't comment on her post, mostly out of embarrassment of my own extremely compulsively organized collection.  But as I sit here sorting and dividing my recipes I have collected the past month, maybe some of you will appreciate my over-organization that often brings teasing from those around me.  And yes my MSI friends, I did just clean my desk.

1. Gather recipes (make sure you have complete recipe if pulled from a magazine).  You will need a three-ring binder and scissors.
2. Cut individual recipes out from pages, some images I keep.
3. Separate recipes by type - I use the following categories: Drinks, Breakfast, Apps/Salads/Side Dishes, Main, Dessert, Other (bread, dressings, etc).

4. Use magnetic pages (thats what they are called, but they are sticky with a clear cover) to paste your extracted recipes.  I like to work out placement before pealing back the cover and pasting.  I also use plastic sleeves for keeping whole pages.
5. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the ease of finding a recipe.

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